Focus Areas

Partnership with Federal Trade Commission to organize in target cities on consumer fraud

Publisher, Kansas City Call

Briefings organized in Kansas and Boston bring top law enforcement and legal service providers working on fraud together with community leaders and ethnic media reporters embedded in the most vulnerable communities. There are compelling leads for stories on the latest scams impacting ethnic minorities — and the debt trap elders fall into because they want to answer the knock on the door.  The briefings bring unique sources and story tellers together.

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Community Engagement — Youth Writing Projects

Develop peer-to-peer messaging projects on taboo issues

This four-month project to develop and implement a peer-to-peer messaging and story-telling campaign among community college students at Delta College in Stockton was aimed at breaking the silence and combating stigma around depression.  The project had a clear mandate to train a cohort of San Joaquin Delta Community College students to tell stories about depression and to engage others at the college in discussions about depression through surveys, campus publication articles and weekly news segments on the campus radio.

Immigrant and Human Rights

We help track dramatic changes in immigration policy and politics
Teleconferences with Immigration Legal Resource Center Attorneys and other experts: On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at a briefing organized by Ethnic Media Services, experts Frank Sharry of America’s Voice and Sally Kinoshita of Immigrant Legal Resource Center, among others, discussed the critical issue of immigration reform including the status of DACA students, ICE raids, Temporary Protected Status, family unification and asylum seekers in limbo. Stakeholders, members of the media and experts on immigration came together to talk about what the roadmap looks like at the federal level, in the courts and in immigrant communities as well as what strategies were effective to protect immigrant rights both now and in the long term.

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