Peter Schurmann

Peter Schurmann is the online editor for Ethnic Media Services. He previously worked as communications coordinator for the conservation non-profit Earth Innovation Institute. Peter’s reporting has covered a wide variety of topics, from international affairs to education, health and the environment. His work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation and National Catholic Reporter, among other outlets.

이제 돌아갈 곳이 없다-전쟁, 기아, 기후변화로 늘어나는 난민들, 법적인 해결방법 많지 않아

기후 변화는 최근 전세계 난민 문제를 심각하게 하고 있다. 그러나 각국 정부가 전세계적으로 국경강화 정책을 시행하면서 이들 난민들이 합법적으로 택할수 있는 방법은 줄어들고 있다.

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