Back-to-Schoolers Face Teacher Shortages, Polarization and Learning Gaps

More teachers are leaving the profession as fewer people seek to enter it, while fights over curricula and pandemic-era learning loss loom in classrooms nationwide.

Covid Makes a Comeback, But New Vaccines Are Around the Corner

Covid-19 will continue to pose a health threat over many years. But updated vaccines are expected to mitigate the severity of infections.

COVID Relief Grants Open to CA Small Nonprofits, Businesses Through June

Those with 26-49 employees in 2021 or 2022, who paid COVID sick leave, are eligible for $5K to 50K.

BREAKING: Dr. Ashish Jha Steps Down from Role as White House Covid Czar

Dr. Ashish Jha, who shepherded the US through the potent Omicron variant of Covid-19, will be stepping down June 15 from his role as...

Are We Out of the Woods With COVID?

Omicron variants are killing 200-300 people a day but population immunity in the U.S. is higher and more stable than a year ago.

Quo Vadis Filipino Americans 3 Years Into the Pandemic?

Philippines News Today | Exploring three key factors that have disproportionately impacted Filipino Americans throughout the pandemic.

Entering 4th Year, Castro Grapples with Effects of COVID

Bay Area Reporter | The COVID pandemic marked a dark turning point for many people around the world, and it's as true of San Francisco's LGBTQ Castro neighborhood as anywhere.

Queer People More Likely to Vaccinate Early, Embrace COVID Response, Data Show

Bay Area Reporter | Gay and lesbian adults reported higher vaccination coverage at that time - 85.4% - than did heterosexual adults - 76.3%.

Vaccine Disinformation Preys on Black Community’s Well-Earned Distrust

Richmond Pulse | Low levels of trust in the medical system among African Americans stemming from a history of systemic racism has allowed misinformation about the pandemic to flourish.

Covid Myths Among Latinos in California Begin to Recede

La Opinion | Medical experts in California say they are seeing signs that misinformation among Latinos about Covid 19 is beginning to recede.

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