My Parents Paid the Ultimate Price for Disinformation

Misinformation peddlers have been spreading lies for decades – and for journalist Natalie Hanson, the cost is personal.

Visual Disinformation Can Be Especially Persuasive, Expert Warns

Richmond Pulse | Compared to written content alone, the addition of visual content enhances emotional arousal and, in some cases, persuasive impact.

Children Don’t Make Decisions: A Community Discussion About Vaccination

Hmong Daily News | Children and adults have the same issues when they get COVID, and just vaccinating the adults in a household is not nearly enough.

Are We Done With Masks? Three Experts Review the Latest Findings

A new study finds masks do little to prevent the spread of viruses like the flu and Covid, and that hand washing and vaccines offer more protection.

Back to the Future with Covid-19

New research shows people who became infected and also got vaccinated have a 40% reduction in their infectiousness.

Farmworkers Still Exposed to Highest Infection Rates — Experts Warn Against Normalizing COVID

Although recognized as essential workers, their work has exposed and continues to expose them to the most severe impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

California at Forefront of Protecting Older Adults from Pandemic

The CDC's COVID mortality figures show people over 50 are dying from COVID 25 times more often than young adults 18-29.

The Funding Pyramid Needs to Be Transformed

A grassroots organizer in Stockton, California says funding strategies during the pandemic left community based organizations like his scrambling.

Covid Treatments Readily Available, But Access Disparities Still Huge

While there is a unique opportunity to address the expected Covid surge this winter with readily available treatments, many people are not accessing them.

Keep Covid Off Your Holiday Guest List

Dr. Dali Fan, a cardiologist and health sciences clinical professor at UC Davis, offers some tips for keeping your family free from Covid exposure this holiday season.

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