My Parents Paid the Ultimate Price for Disinformation

Misinformation peddlers have been spreading lies for decades – and for journalist Natalie Hanson, the cost is personal.

The Pandemic’s Collateral Damage: Long Covid

An estimated 4 million people in the US have permanently dropped out of the workforce due to long Covid. Experts warn we are unprepared for more such cases.

New Report Details the Harmful Legacy of Trump’s Subversion of Public Health

The report provides details about the genesis of Title 42 and how political calculations "steamrolled" pandemic science and public health.

Parks to People: Come and Enjoy, But Don’t Destroy

Local parks saw a surge in visitors during the Covid pandemic, raising questions about the balance between human recreation and the natural environment.

California Department of Public Health Releases New Masking Guidelines

The new guidelines urge Californians to consider wearing a mask based on their location and situation.

What to Expect When You Have Covid

In the age of the Omicron variant, the majority of people infected with COVID-19 may experience symptoms. Here's what to expect.

Asian Americans Are Not a Monolith, Say Advocates Urging for Disaggregated Health Data

Advocates say there is currently no attempt to disaggregate data for AAPI sub-ethnicities, leaving out information critical to resolving health disparities.

Even With Updated Boosters Complacency a Key Obstacle to Getting Vaccinated

Frontline experts say the updated boosters protect against older and newer variants of Covid-19 though many continue to put off receiving the new shots.

Protect Your Child: Covid-19 Vaccines Help Prevent One of the Leading Causes of Child Death

Like all parents, I want my child to be healthy and well, and that is why I am passionate about sharing why I chose to vaccinate her against COVID-19.

Can Kids Safely Return To School Amid Ongoing COVID Pandemic?

As kids return to school this fall, parents have some homework to do: helping to keep their kids safe amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With...

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