Keep Covid Off Your Holiday Guest List

Dr. Dali Fan, a cardiologist and health sciences clinical professor at UC Davis, offers some tips for keeping your family free from Covid exposure this holiday season.

Millions of Kids Would Lose Health Care if Covid-19 Emergency Coverage Ends

The program's expiration will mean 80 million people—including 37 million children—will need to have their Medicaid eligibility verified.

Bay Area Pediatrician Tackles Myths and Misconceptions About Covid-19 Vaccines

Dr. Jennifer Miller spends a good part of every day dispelling the many myths and misconceptions that continue to prevent families from getting vaccinated.

Experts Await Data on Moderna’s Vaccine for Kids; Criticize Lifting of Mask Mandates

Experts say now is the time to educate families on the importance of vaccines for younger children.

New Book Examines Pandemic’s Toll on Global Freedom

Under the guise of public health, governments worldwide leveraged the global health crisis to aggrandize state power at the expense of individual liberty.

California Health Officials Call for Older Adults to Stay Vaccinated, Rejoin Their Communities

The re-opening of adult day centers in California combined with the availability of vaccines is allowing older adults to come out of isolation.

Faith Leaders Reconsider Mask Requirements After California Removes Mandate

As California lifted its mask mandates, some church leaders have decided to make masking optional despite the spread of the BA.2 variant.

There’s Gold in California for Strapped Renters, Homeowners, Landlords

A March 17 press briefing co-hosted by EMS housing advocates and experts laid out many ways the state is trying to keep Californians housed.

BA.2 Covid Variant Now Accounts for More Than One Third of New Infections, Says CDC

The CDC is watching closely the rise of infections from the new variant, which now account for 35 percent of new Covid infections in the U.S.

Covid Vaccines are Safe and Effective for 5-11 Year Olds

That message was delivered during a March 15 briefing for the South Asian community organized by the non-profit South Asian Network.

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