Back to the Future with Covid-19

New research shows people who became infected and also got vaccinated have a 40% reduction in their infectiousness.

Is Inflation Eroding the Middle Class?

The highest consumer prices in a generation have made inflation the top public concern, replacing COVID.

Covid-19 Hospitalization and Death Rates for Children Spike Alarmingly Amid Omicron

The CDC has released new findings showing children were hospitalized at a rate four times higher from Omicron than with the Delta variant.

From Pandemic to Endemic: Will We Ever Be There?

As Covid-19 hospitalization rates surge in the U.S., public health experts are advising a shift from thinking of the crisis as a pandemic to an endemic.

Q&A With State Epidemiologist on Covid Vaccines

The risks of hospitalization and death remain high for unvaccinated individuals, so the most important thing is get vaccinated and get boosted.

Black Family Caregivers Endorse Vaccines and Boosters as California Battles Covid

There are more than 4.5 million family caregivers in California alone, but they are largely invisible in the broader healthcare system.

Public Health Experts Worry About CDC’s Shortened Isolation Time Following Exposure to Covid

The CDC issued its revised guidelines Dec. 27, recommending that people who have tested positive for Covid isolate for five days, down from the previous 10-day requirement.

Omicron and a Collapsed Healthcare System: This is How COVID Closes 2021

Cases in the United States exceed 50 million, while more than 800,000 Americans have lost their lives.

Q&A: As We Learn More About Omicron Variant, COVID-19 Safety Basics Remain Important

The reality is that the longer COVID-19 remains a threat, the more variants we will have to overcome.

California Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate as Omicron Variant Emerges in Wastewater Supply

As the Omicron variant was found in the state’s wastewater supplies, California Dec. 13 re-instituted a one month mask mandate at indoor public places.

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