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Funding for Domestic Violence Prevention Programs at Risk in New California Budget

Domestic violence organizations in California are advocating to continue $15 million for domestic violence prevention left out of the proposed budget.

How Children Experience and Recover From Domestic Violence

Experts say anxiety, depression, anger, and low self esteem are among the range of mental health impacts on children who experience domestic violence. 

Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence Still Struggle to Get Asylum

Despite Trump’s era policies being reversed, the likelihood of finding protection in the US is lower than ever.

Activists: Access to Guns and Domestic Violence Are a Deadly Mix

4.5 million women in the US have been threatened with a gun by their domestic partner, 1 million have been shot during a domestic dispute.

Korean Americans to Legislators — Domestic Violence Survivors Need Permanent Funding Stream

Korean Americans are overrepresented among Asian Americans who experience domestic violence and their stories underscore the need for services that address the linguistic and cultural silos.

Restorative Justice Seeks to Heal Families Facing Domestic Violence

Cases of abuse skyrocketed during the pandemic. According to experts, prevention and reconciliation programs should engage abusers as well as survivors.

Combating Domestic Violence Requires a Decriminalized, Healing-Centered Approach

Women of color want to stay with their partners and want agencies to help the abusive partner break out of their cycle of violence.

Study Sheds New Light on Domestic Violence in Asian Immigrant Communities

Domestic violence in the United States is pervasive but little understood, particularly in non-English speaking communities. In a groundbreaking new report, the Asian Pacific...

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