Unpacking Biden’s Budget — The President Wants Guns and Butter

President Biden's recently announced budget proposal promises to maintain entitlement programs while dramatically increasing defense spending.

Economic Crash or Soft Landing Ahead?

The child tax credit and extended unemployment insurance program are long gone and experts don’t expect new family-friendly legislation this year.

California is Hungry for New Contractors

Even in a tough economy, contracting work persists. But minority and woman-owned contractors have to overcome many challenges to submit winning bids.

Loan Window Opens for California Small Businesses

The U.S. Treasury Department approved California’s application for $1.18 billion of loan guarantees to help the state’s burgeoning small business sector

Loss of 1.7 Million Immigrants Fuels U.S. Labor Shortages and Inflation

Close to 15% of job openings that employ immigrant or foreign-born workers in the U.S. are still vacant, while the legal immigration system is in dire straits.

A Tale of Three Cities – How Bakersfield, Columbus and Houston Tackled Homelessness

“We accomplished this because we changed our mindset and our beliefs. We now believe homelessness is not an individual issue but a community issue.” 

Corporate Profiteering Driving Inflation, Threatening Most Vulnerable

Amid rising inflation, corporations are reaping record profits while hiking prices, impacting the nation's most vulnerable communities.

Exodus Lending: An Escape Route for Victims of Predatory Loans

Recurring utility bills, rising rents, and now the specter of inflation, often make the easy availability of payday loans too enticing to forgo.

CA Senators Ask for $5 Million to Increase Pipeline of Asian Language Teachers

Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in CA, yet the state credentialed only 89 teachers who speak one of several Asian languages in the 2019-2020.

California Will Pay College Students for Community Work

In a brand-new program, the first of its kind in the United States, California is offering college students $10,000 in pay and scholarship funding...

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