‘Invisibility is Not a Superpower’ — Indian Country Today Re-emerges as a National Platform for Native Americans

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has announced a $500,000 grant to support Indian Country Today, just four years after the paper shut its doors.

County Supervisors Approve LA River Master Plan and Land Bank for Affordable Housing

County officials approved a revitalization plan for the LA River this week despite opposition from environmental and indigenous groups.

Across the US, Activists Fill In for a ‘Failed’ Disaster Relief System

Activists from Florida, Oregon, California, Louisiana, and Texas, are demanding action on long-term climate resilient infrastructure.

Los Angeles County Dives Into L.A. River Work

Long-sought new plan sets table for 51 miles of possibilities.

Lessons from Glasgow: Don’t “Greenwash” the Climate Gap

The 26th UN Conference on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow left environmentalists divided on the real commitments from developed countries.

Los Angeles’ Diverse Population Reimagines its Rio

First-ever multilingual public opinion poll on Los Angeles River shows strong support for river revitalization. After decades of planning, the moment to turn the dream to reality has come, say the river’s advocates.

Fighting Global Warming Requires an Equity Approach

Experts warn that the best way to address climate change is not only from scientific models but with policies focused on equity.

Where Breathing is Easy – Open Spaces are Critical for Public Health

Measure T seeks to renew Measure Q, which has allowed the County to preserve North Coyote Valley from the hands of developers.

Measure S Protects Santa Clara County Water Sources, Supplies

Measure S and its funding for water infrastructure have taken on greater urgency as the state battles unprecedented wildfires.

Growing, Dangerous Fire Season Worsens Pollution in California’s Main Agricultural Areas

Smoke waves from wildfires in Southern California spread to the San Joaquin Valley where they are trapped, reversing improvements in air quality and impacting health.

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