How is California Beating the Heat?

At a Sept. 26 EMS briefing, state and community organizations shared how they were adapting to extreme heat on the community level.

Brazil’s Upcoming Elections are ‘Life or Death’ for Indigenous People of the Amazon

Brazilians head to the polls Oct. 30 in an election that could determine the fate of the Amazon rainforest and the Indigenous communities that live there.

Parks to People: Come and Enjoy, But Don’t Destroy

Local parks saw a surge in visitors during the Covid pandemic, raising questions about the balance between human recreation and the natural environment.

On the Record With Governor Gavin Newsom: Saving Water & Building a More Resilient Future

Without action, state officials believe extreme weather could diminish California’s water supply by up to 10 percent by 2040.

Officials Dither as Climate, Humanitarian Catastrophe Loom Over US-Mexico Border

The end of beer manufacturing and a wave of violence across Mexico's north point to deepening crises along the border region.

Los Angeles Looks to Land Banking to Lower Construction Costs for Affordable Housing

The project is part of the L.A. River Master Plan, though officials hope to take it countywide to narrow a massive shortfall in affordable housing.

‘We Are Alone’: Colombian Town Grapples with the Consequences of Climate Change

Along the banks of Colombia's largest river, communities are left to fend for themselves amid the risings impacts of climate change.

‘Invisibility is Not a Superpower’ — Indian Country Today Re-emerges as a National Platform for Native Americans

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has announced a $500,000 grant to support Indian Country Today, just four years after the paper shut its doors.

County Supervisors Approve LA River Master Plan and Land Bank for Affordable Housing

County officials approved a revitalization plan for the LA River this week despite opposition from environmental and indigenous groups.

Across the US, Activists Fill In for a ‘Failed’ Disaster Relief System

Activists from Florida, Oregon, California, Louisiana, and Texas, are demanding action on long-term climate resilient infrastructure.

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