Bill Heads to CA Gov. Newsom’s Desk to Disaggregate Data for Latinos and Indigenous Residents

California Senate Bill 435 proposes to collect disaggregated data on Latino sub-populations as well as indigenous communities.

Health Officials, CBOs Detail Efforts to Protect Health Care for 15.5 Million Californians

With 15.5 million Medi-Cal members up for renewal, health officials and CBOs are working to ensure Californians maintain continuous coverage.

Houston Event Highlights Efforts to Curb Rise in Stray Pet Population

The Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets initiative offers a range of services intended to address the growing number of stray animals on Houston's streets.

BREAKING: Congress’ HEAL Act Ensures Healthcare Access for Undocumented

Three members of Congress today introduced the HEAL Act, which would guarantee healthcare access to all, including undocumented people.

Can Not Speaking English Kill You?

For millions of Americans with limited English, finding providers who speak their language remains a challenge, hampering access to quality care.

Elevating the Voices of Invisible People

The SCAN Foundation held a day-long summit to address disparities in health care delivery for marginalized people.

Benefits of Medi-Cal Coverage Uncertain for Doulas

Doulas in California are divided as to the benefit that inclusion in Medi-Cal can offer them.

How the Ulysses Project is Aiding the ‘Eternal Refugee’

With the Ulysses Project, Dr. Patrick Marius Koga is helping refugees in California overcome mental health disorders through demedicalized psychological and professional aid.

More Parks, Trees May Add Nearly 1 Million Years to LA County Life Expectancy

A UCLA study confirms what the urban greening nonprofit TreePeople has seen for 50 years: environmental inequality worsens public health in LA County.

The Impact of Hate-Motivated Behavior on African American Health

At the 13th annual virtual Black Physicians Forum, health experts shared how racism underlies hate-motivated behavior which adversely impacts African American health.

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