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Alarming Surge of Pediatric RSV

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, a common flu-like symptoms, is infecting very young children in large numbers

A Bill of Rights for Long-Term Care Residents

Advocates for older adults say more needs to be done to protect the rights of residents in California's long-term care facilities.

The Pandemic’s Collateral Damage: Long Covid

An estimated 4 million people in the US have permanently dropped out of the workforce due to long Covid. Experts warn we are unprepared for more such cases.

New Report Examines Startling Highs — and Lows — Of Mental Health Treatment in America

A new study finds 55% of the over 50 million Americans experiencing a mental illness received no treatment, with access and cost as the primary reasons.

California Department of Public Health Releases New Masking Guidelines

The new guidelines urge Californians to consider wearing a mask based on their location and situation.

What to Expect When You Have Covid

In the age of the Omicron variant, the majority of people infected with COVID-19 may experience symptoms. Here's what to expect.

What Inclusion for All Means: California Embraces Master Plan for Older Adults

California’s Master Plan for Aging is a 10-year blueprint addressing current inequities for older adults and disabled people.

Asian Americans Are Not a Monolith, Say Advocates Urging for Disaggregated Health Data

Advocates say there is currently no attempt to disaggregate data for AAPI sub-ethnicities, leaving out information critical to resolving health disparities.

LA County Declares ‘Safe Haven’ For All Seeking Reproductive Health Care

The pilot program is open to anyone, regardless of immigration status, financial resources, or laws in other states where they may live.

Loss of 1.7 Million Immigrants Fuels U.S. Labor Shortages and Inflation

Close to 15% of job openings that employ immigrant or foreign-born workers in the U.S. are still vacant, while the legal immigration system is in dire straits.

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