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Alarming Surge of Pediatric RSV

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, a common flu-like symptoms, is infecting very young children in large numbers

‘Commercializing’ Covid-19 Response is Bad News on All Fronts

Comments from the White House's Covid response coordinator point to a shift in the administration's approach that could worsen existing health disparities.

A Call for Help From LA’s Lifeline – Deal Would Take Humans Out of Human Services

A proposed contract would replace highly-trained responders with chat bots to handle the thousands of calls each month from residents seeking support.

Everyday Ageism Impacts Physical and Emotional Health of Older Adults

Over 82 percent of adults over the age of 50 say they regularly experience one or more form of everyday ageism on a regular basis, studies show.

California’s Poorest County Has Nation’s Highest Vaccination Rate

Imperial County's success is a tribute to grassroots community organizing in this predominantly Latino community.

New Surge, Same Misinformation: Latino Parents Weigh Covid Vaccines for Their Youngest

A new Covid surge is driving an uptick in infections, even as persistent misinformation continues to hamper vaccination efforts among Latino families.

Older Adults Still At High Risk for COVID-19 — Beware Complacency

“We need your help in communicating the value of vaccines and boosters and testing-to-treatment for this population.”

Monkeypox Can Be Contained: Experts Urge Testing And Vaccination

Key early steps to avoid a new epidemic are getting people tested, vaccinated and sharing information through public health campaigns.

California’s Youngest Kids at Acute Risk from Covid-19 — Vaccines Offer Best Protection Around

More than two years after Covid-19’s onset, there is finally a federally approved vaccine against it in the United States for children age 6 months to 4 years old.

Parents And Children In Mental Health Crises Need To Know – Recovery Is Possible

“Sometimes it’s important to be on medication, but sometimes that may be tiring, too. Show love. Love is the key.”

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