Bill Heads to CA Gov. Newsom’s Desk to Disaggregate Data for Latinos and Indigenous Residents

California Senate Bill 435 proposes to collect disaggregated data on Latino sub-populations as well as indigenous communities.

Black Yogis Share Their Personal Journeys Toward Self, Community Empowerment

Yoga is a multi-billion dollar global industry yet for many Black and brown communities it remains inaccessible. These yogis are working to change that.

Three Texas Lawmakers Sound Alarm on Raft of Discriminatory Bills

Bills now pending threaten to further roll back abortion and transgender rights, and strip certain ethnic groups of rights to own land, among other issues.

Making Mental Health an Integral Part of Primary Care for Older Adults

With a quarter of Californians aged 65 or older by 2030, the state is looking for ways to better meet the mental and behavioral health needs of its older adult population.

Ill, Latino and Homeless: How an LA County Program Helps the Most Vulnerable

LA's homeless population is seeing a rise in the number of Latinos living on the street, a trend fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic and rising rates of drug use and addiction.

Are We Out of the Woods With COVID?

Omicron variants are killing 200-300 people a day but population immunity in the U.S. is higher and more stable than a year ago.

Children Are Dying at Rates Not Seen in 100 Years

Between 2019-2021, gun deaths among young Americans rose 50% and surpassed car accidents as the leading cause of death for the first time.

Watch For the Yellow Envelope – 15 Million California MediCal Enrollees’ Eligibility Under Review

MediCal enrollees are encouraged to update their information to keep their status as the state reviews eligibility for the first time since the Covid 19 pandemic.

Time for Liberals to Fall Out of Love with the Supreme Court

The Texas abortion ruling highlights the extreme partisan nature of the judiciary and threatens to reshape national politics for years to come.

Recent Mass Shootings Deepen Stigma Around Mental Health for Asian Americans

The focus on mental health in recent mass shootings in California heighten cultural taboos among Asian Americans around seeking help.

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