Los Angeles Looks to Land Banking to Lower Construction Costs for Affordable Housing

The project is part of the L.A. River Master Plan, though officials hope to take it countywide to narrow a massive shortfall in affordable housing.

A Tale of Three Cities – How Bakersfield, Columbus and Houston Tackled Homelessness

“We accomplished this because we changed our mindset and our beliefs. We now believe homelessness is not an individual issue but a community issue.” 

A Call for Help From LA’s Lifeline – Deal Would Take Humans Out of Human Services

A proposed contract would replace highly-trained responders with chat bots to handle the thousands of calls each month from residents seeking support.

County Supervisors Approve LA River Master Plan and Land Bank for Affordable Housing

County officials approved a revitalization plan for the LA River this week despite opposition from environmental and indigenous groups.

CA Bill Seeks to End 300-Year-Old Foreclosure Practice, Keeping Billions in Communities

The bill would amend California’s foreclosure process to ensure homeowners retain their equity, addressing a key driver of the racial wealth gap.

There’s Gold in California for Strapped Renters, Homeowners, Landlords

A March 17 press briefing co-hosted by EMS housing advocates and experts laid out many ways the state is trying to keep Californians housed.

Housing, Hate, and Health Top Concerns for AAPI in LA

The agency will be translating all written materials into the 15 most-used languages in the state and adding more interpreters to its phone lines.

How to Ease L.A. Homeless Crisis – Voters See Coordination as Key, Not Taxation

With more than 65,000 people living on Los Angeles County’s streets, there’s desperation in the air. Despite all efforts to address it, the situation...

Poor Once More: Millions of Families Thrown Back Into Poverty as Child Tax Credit Expires

Image: Loree D. Jones, CEO of Philabundance, a hunger relief project in Philadelphia, was among several experts speaking on the expiration of the Child...

Slow but Steady Rise in Eviction Filings – No “Tsunami” Yet

The Eviction Lab at Princeton University has released new numbers regarding eviction filing trends after the CDC moratorium expiration.

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