Undocumented Immigrant Population Grows at Unprecedented Levels

A report by the Migration Policy Institute charts the numbers of undocumented migrants, increasingly from Europe and the Southern Hemisphere.

Eagle Pass Has Been Invaded, And Not by Migrants

This once quiet Texas town has been overrun by a swarm of agents and officers as Gov. Greg Abbot wages war on migrants along the US's southern border.

Texas Southern Border ‘Like a War Zone’

Floating barriers and razor wire now line the Rio Grande along the US-Mex border, one of many obstacles migrants face as they seek to enter the country.

How the Ulysses Project is Aiding the ‘Eternal Refugee’

With the Ulysses Project, Dr. Patrick Marius Koga is helping refugees in California overcome mental health disorders through demedicalized psychological and professional aid.

LA’s Huge Immigrant Population is Being Driven Out by High Cost of Housing

Dr. Manuel Pastor, Professor of Sociology at the University of Southern California Dornsife, discusses the latest State of Immigrants in Los Angeles report.

Strawberry Workers for Justice

Strawberry workers along California's Central Coast went on strike to demand that employers stop cutting rates and live up to promises of better pay.

‘Touching the Sky’ – In Rural Guatemala, Disruptor Candidates Bring Hope for Change

As concerns about democracy in the Central American nation rise, rural residents are hopeful that local elections can bring about much needed change.

The Pain Continues for Children Separated From Their Families at the Border

An estimated 3,800 to 5,500 children were separated from the families at the US-Mexico border under former President Trump. Hundreds remain unaccounted for.

At Documented, a Unique Blend of Service Journalism and Local Reporting Bridges Immigrant Communities

Founders Max Siegelbaum and Mazin Sidahmed say the aim is to provide "boots on the ground" coverage of New York's expansive immigrant communities.

The End of Title 42 May Not Significantly Impact Border Communities

The end of Title 42 will have little impact on border communities says Edinburg, Texas city attorney Omar Ochoa, who lives on the border.

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