New Report Details the Harmful Legacy of Trump’s Subversion of Public Health

The report provides details about the genesis of Title 42 and how political calculations "steamrolled" pandemic science and public health.

To See Where Immigration in the US is Headed, Look to Where It’s Been

"Immigration: An American History" looks at the role immigration has played in America’s history, and what that history tells us about our current moment.

Biden Administration Guts Most of Public Charge Rule, But Immigrants Still Fearful

While the move lifts many of the restrictions imposed under the previous administration, many immigrants are still fearful of seeking benefits.

Officials Dither as Climate, Humanitarian Catastrophe Loom Over US-Mexico Border

The end of beer manufacturing and a wave of violence across Mexico's north point to deepening crises along the border region.

A Year After Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Refugees Struggle to Find Footing in US

There are now 76,000 refugees from Afghanistan who have resettled in the US, mostly in Northern California, Washington DC, Texas, and Washington state.

As Migrant Flow Increases, Illegal Pushbacks Continue Along EU’s Southern Border

Croatia continues to forcibly deter migrants seeking entry into the European Union in what human rights groups say is a violation of international law.

What Millions of New Citizens Could Mean for the Next Election Cycle

A new report shows there were 5.19 million newly minted U.S. citizens between 2016 and 2020, a significant and, in key swing states, decisive voting bloc.

Reclaiming Citizenship — Photo Exhibit Reveals the Struggles of Deported US Veterans

According to some estimates the United States has deported some 94,000 military veterans. A new exhibit highlights their experiences.

Will the U.S. Shift its Narrative on a Changing Latin America?

Transformations including new migration patterns, climate change, and grassroots social movements require a shift in U.S. thinking about the region.

California Offers $10k to College Students for a Year of Public Service

The #CaliforniansforAll College Corps, which will focus on admitting low-income students as well as Dreamers, could serve as a model for other states.

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