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‘Invisibility is Not a Superpower’ — Indian Country Today Re-emerges as a National Platform for Native Americans

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has announced a $500,000 grant to support Indian Country Today, just four years after the paper shut its doors.

Will the U.S. Shift its Narrative on a Changing Latin America?

Transformations including new migration patterns, climate change, and grassroots social movements require a shift in U.S. thinking about the region.

High Stakes for Black, Indigenous Voters in Colombia Elections

For Afro Colombian and Indigenous communities in Colombia, Gustavo Petro's campaign represents "the only hope" they have had after decades of violence.

A ‘Seismic Shift’ in Colombia Elections — Final Round to Be a ‘Photo Finish’

Voters in Colombia offered a stern rebuke to the nation's traditional power brokers. Where the country goes from here will be determined in June.

For Orange County Shooter, ‘China Dream’ Fed Into Personal Rage

Editor’s Note: On Sunday a 68-year-old man opened fire in a church in Orange County, California, killing one and wounding several others. Both the...

Could the Unthinkable Happen?

Both Russia and the US have tactical nukes. Various war scenarios envision using them. That might ignite a global nuclear war that nobody would win.

For Filipinos, a ‘Newly Awakened Civic Consciousness’ in Wake of Marcos Win

The election victory of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines has raised alarm bells over the potential slide of the Southeast Asian nation into autocracy.

A ‘World We Have Not Seen’ — Ukraine War Raises Threat of Nuclear Conflict

The world is confronting the threat of nuclear armed conflict the likes of which has not been seen since the end of the Cold War.

New Book Examines Pandemic’s Toll on Global Freedom

Under the guise of public health, governments worldwide leveraged the global health crisis to aggrandize state power at the expense of individual liberty.

Q&A: ‘For Ukraine, From Overseas Vietnamese with Love’

Shortly after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the largest Vietnamese broadcaster outside Vietnam launched a campaign to aid refugees from the war.

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