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In the Eye of Not One, But Two Hurricanes

For people of the Pacific Islands, rising US-China tensions are overshadowed by the very real and existential risks associated with climate change.

Will China’s President Xi Jinping Attend APEC Summit in San Francisco?

Uncertainty looms large as to whether China’s President Xi Jinping will attend APEC, says USTR Ambassador Katherine Tai.

In Guatemala, A Coup in Slow Motion

Forces in the Central American nation are working to undermine the transition of power to President Elect Bernardo Arévalo, who last month claimed a landslide win.

Mexico Poised to Elect First Female President

Mexico is fielding two female candidates to replace outgoing president Andrés Manuel López Obrador in next year's elections.

In Guatemala, Celebrations Follow Upstart Candidate’s Election Win

Progressive candidate Bernardo Arévalo of the Semilla Party has emerged the winner in the second and final round of voting for president in Guatemala.

India’s Export Ban on Rice Deepens Global Food Crisis

Indian Americans are panic buying huge sacks of rice, after India announced a ban on exports of the grain which is integral to Indian meals.

Brutal Atrocity in Northeast India Highlights Vulnerabilities of Women Around the World

Women around the world are standing in solidarity with two tribal women in Manipur who were stripped naked and sexually assaulted by a mob.

Where’s the Best Country in the World to Be a Reporter?

Surprisingly, it's not the world's oldest democracy.

Indian Americans Urge Boycott of Indian PM Modi’s US Visit

Activists accuse Indian PM Narendra Modi of widespread human rights violations and disenfranchising the country’s many minorities.

‘Touching the Sky’ – In Rural Guatemala, Disruptor Candidates Bring Hope for Change

As concerns about democracy in the Central American nation rise, rural residents are hopeful that local elections can bring about much needed change.

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