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India Cuts Internet for 27 Million, Sparking Global Protests

Protests broke out worldwide March 19 as the Indian government abruptly shut down all internet communication in the state of Punjab.

Ukrainians in US Fatigued, Inspired as War Enters Second Year

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been an unmitigated tragedy, but the editor of the world’s oldest Ukrainian language newspaper based in New Jersey sees a bright future for the nation.

Ohio Train Derailment Becomes Focus of Chinese Misinformation

The flood of histrionic messaging on Chinese social media around events in the US has left many Chinese Americans feeling frustrated and confused.

The Polycrisis Fueling Protests in Perú

Entrenched racism, political dysfunction, environmental degradation and soaring inequality are fueling protests in Perú.

Fears of a Return to Chinese Exclusion Act as US-China Tensions Rise

Chinese living in the US are watching the deterioration of US-China relations with a mix of fear and, for some, cautious optimism.

Uncertainty Haunts Bay Area Turks in Aftermath of Turkish-Syrian Earthquake

Members of the Bay Area's Turkish community are grieving at the monumental loss of life and property in their home country. Many are also wondering what comes next.

How Can We Salvage US-China Relations?

John Kamm, a former businessman and veteran human rights defender in China, says there are areas of common ground for the US and China to restore frayed relations.

China and India, Not Just Mexico, Feed US Fentanyl Addiction

Strategies to curb the flow of fentanyl into the U.S. must include China and India, which produce 90% of the materials used manufacture the deadly opioid.

A Missed Opportunity — U.S. Set Agenda of Africa Summit, Not Africans

The agenda for the recent U.S.-Africa Summit reflects the continuing view in the West of Africa as a charity case rather than a key player on the global stage.

Cross Border Migration is Changing. Our Policies Aren’t.

The focus on the number of migrants seeking to enter the U.S. misses a key aspect of how migrant flows are changing and why border policy needs to adapt.

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