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China and India, Not Just Mexico, Feed US Fentanyl Addiction

Strategies to curb the flow of fentanyl into the U.S. must include China and India, which produce 90% of the materials used manufacture the deadly opioid.

Officials Dither as Climate, Humanitarian Catastrophe Loom Over US-Mexico Border

The end of beer manufacturing and a wave of violence across Mexico's north point to deepening crises along the border region.

The Border Wager: Near Shoring Puts Ciudad Juárez at Center of Global Economy

In the annals of border history, U.S.-Mexico relations and global commerce, Ciudad Juárez has often - and may yet still play - a pivotal role.

A Year After Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Refugees Struggle to Find Footing in US

There are now 76,000 refugees from Afghanistan who have resettled in the US, mostly in Northern California, Washington DC, Texas, and Washington state.

As Migrant Flow Increases, Illegal Pushbacks Continue Along EU’s Southern Border

Croatia continues to forcibly deter migrants seeking entry into the European Union in what human rights groups say is a violation of international law.

‘They Are Very Cunning’ — Editor of Burmese Paper in LA Fears Dark Times Ahead for Myanmar

Thakhin Kai Bwor, editor of the Mynamar Gazette, says the execution of four prodemocracy activists suggests more violence ahead for the troubled country.

‘We Are Alone’: Colombian Town Grapples with the Consequences of Climate Change

Along the banks of Colombia's largest river, communities are left to fend for themselves amid the risings impacts of climate change.

‘Invisibility is Not a Superpower’ — Indian Country Today Re-emerges as a National Platform for Native Americans

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has announced a $500,000 grant to support Indian Country Today, just four years after the paper shut its doors.

Will the U.S. Shift its Narrative on a Changing Latin America?

Transformations including new migration patterns, climate change, and grassroots social movements require a shift in U.S. thinking about the region.

High Stakes for Black, Indigenous Voters in Colombia Elections

For Afro Colombian and Indigenous communities in Colombia, Gustavo Petro's campaign represents "the only hope" they have had after decades of violence.

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