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China and India, Not Just Mexico, Feed US Fentanyl Addiction

Strategies to curb the flow of fentanyl into the U.S. must include China and India, which produce 90% of the materials used manufacture the deadly opioid.

Ukraine’s Refugee Crisis Calls for ‘Global Movement’ to End Forced Migration

There are some 84 million displaced people worldwide, a crisis that requires a global response.

Can the World Cope With Record Numbers of Ukrainian Refugees?

The war in Ukraine adds to the record number of people — more than 84 million total — who have been forcibly displaced worldwide.

Q&A: Russian American Newspaper Publisher Wants US to Close Russian TV Channels

The agency will be translating all written materials into the 15 most-used languages in the state and adding more interpreters to its phone lines.

Political Divides Color Latin American Coverage of War in Ukraine

In Latin America, media outlets in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have offered Moscow the most support by blaming NATO and the West for the events in Ukraine.

As Western World Rallies to Support Ukraine, Media in Asia Divided on Coverage of Russian Invasion

As the West rallies in its support for Ukraine, media in Asia are offering a more nuanced perspective in line with their country’s dealings with Russia.

World’s Oldest Ukrainian Language Newspaper is in New Jersey

Svoboda (Liberty) is the world’s oldest Ukrainian language newspaper published without interruption since its founding in 1893 in New Jersey.

Tongans Still Reeling From Eruption Both on Outer Islands and in the US

Ed note: Ethnic media outlets like Radio Tonga play a crucial role as information providers to diaspora communities, especially in times of disaster. But...

Solidarity with Journalists in Mexico

Also available in Spanish. By Gabriel Lerner, Editor Emeritus, La Opinion Six journalists have been killed in Mexico this year: José Luis Gamboa from Veracruz, on...

Q&A: ABS CBN Still a Bedrock for FilAm Diaspora

Two years after the Filipino broadcaster lost a bid to renew its frequency, the station has turned to digital programming to connect Filipinos worldwide.

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