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How is California Beating the Heat?

At a Sept. 26 EMS briefing, state and community organizations shared how they were adapting to extreme heat on the community level.

Inflation is the Top Priority for Asian American Voters

Rampant inflation in all sectors of the US economy is the top concern for AAPI voters, concluded the Pew Research Center in a survey.

What Do Young Latino Voters Want to Hear on the Republican Debate Stage?

Candidates will have to aggressively court young Latino voters, who are the fastest-growing voter population.

Activists Win Voting Rights for Black Alabamians

Evan Milligan, who won a Supreme Court ruling for Black Alabamian voters, says he was initially skeptical about the legal battle.

Families Face Caregiver Crunch, As Population Ages

As more people in the U.S. live longer, a higher prevalence of chronic diseases will fuel the demand for support services.

What Payment Methods are Telltale Signs of Scams?

Payment methods that scammers insist you use — like gift cards, cryptocurrency and wire transfer — are telltale signs of scams, says the FTC.

Bill Heads to CA Gov. Newsom’s Desk to Disaggregate Data for Latinos and Indigenous Residents

California Senate Bill 435 proposes to collect disaggregated data on Latino sub-populations as well as indigenous communities.

In the Eye of Not One, But Two Hurricanes

For people of the Pacific Islands, rising US-China tensions are overshadowed by the very real and existential risks associated with climate change.

Will the Threat of Gun Violence at the Polls Deter Voting?

Voting and elections have become the targets of threats and intimidation as the nation faces a proliferation of guns.

How Climate Change Changes Us

As climate change alters temperatures and weather patterns worldwide, it also alters our lives socially, politically and spiritually.

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