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How is California Beating the Heat?

At a Sept. 26 EMS briefing, state and community organizations shared how they were adapting to extreme heat on the community level.

Tribal Leaders, Law Enforcement Discuss Implementation of Feather Alert System

The new system would alert California residents about missing and endangered Indigenous persons in the state.

Covid Treatments Readily Available, But Access Disparities Still Huge

While there is a unique opportunity to address the expected Covid surge this winter with readily available treatments, many people are not accessing them.

School Districts With the Greatest Need Get Fewer Dollars, Study Shows

A new study finds that nationwide school districts with more Black and Latino students receive on average 16% less than whiter, wealthier districts.

Conservatives Skeptical Court Will Buy GOP Election Theory

In Moore v. Harper, if SCOTUS decides the plaintiffs' "Independent State Legislature" theory has merit, elections nationwide could be thrown into chaos.

Remembering Fred Ross Jr., Lifelong Organizer and Social Justice Champion

Fred Ross Jr. worked to improve conditions for farmworkers, attack causes of migration from Central America, and speed up the naturalization process.

Global Divisions, Political Scandals Can’t Diminish World Cup’s Enduring Appeal

Four experts weigh in on soccer's global reach, why it remains the "people's sport," and which team will most likely take the Cup in Qatar.

Combating the Dramatic Rise of Islamophobia

The Council on American Islamic Relations has developed a five-prong approach to combat hate violence against the Muslim American community.

Graduate Student Strike Highlights Need for Greater State Investment in Public Universities

The strike of academic student workers at the University of California, now in its third week, has major implications for public education.

Supreme Court to Consider Who Runs Elections

The Supreme Court will hear the case a leading conservative federal judge has called "the single most important case for American democracy in the nation’s history."

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