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A Year After Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Refugees Struggle to Find Footing in US

There are now 76,000 refugees from Afghanistan who have resettled in the US, mostly in Northern California, Washington DC, Texas, and Washington state.

Reclaiming Citizenship — Photo Exhibit Reveals the Struggles of Deported US Veterans

According to some estimates the United States has deported some 94,000 military veterans. A new exhibit highlights their experiences.

‘We Are Alone’: Colombian Town Grapples with the Consequences of Climate Change

Along the banks of Colombia's largest river, communities are left to fend for themselves amid the risings impacts of climate change.

Corporate Profiteering Driving Inflation, Threatening Most Vulnerable

Amid rising inflation, corporations are reaping record profits while hiking prices, impacting the nation's most vulnerable communities.

New Surge, Same Misinformation: Latino Parents Weigh Covid Vaccines for Their Youngest

A new Covid surge is driving an uptick in infections, even as persistent misinformation continues to hamper vaccination efforts among Latino families.

The ‘Chronic Rash’ of Ageism in Mainstream Media

The narrative that the nation's woes can be chalked up to the advanced age of its leaders is a sign of rampant ageism in media and society.

Exodus Lending: An Escape Route for Victims of Predatory Loans

Recurring utility bills, rising rents, and now the specter of inflation, often make the easy availability of payday loans too enticing to forgo.

Charms and Challenges of Ethnic Communities Made Plain on Our Plates

Whatever our differences, we all have to eat. In the United States, where we can choose foods from all over the world, ethnic cuisine...

Is It Libelous To Call Someone A Racist?

Can you call the driver a racist if his or her car is adorned with many Nazi supremacist bumper stickers?

Older Adults Still At High Risk for COVID-19 — Beware Complacency

“We need your help in communicating the value of vaccines and boosters and testing-to-treatment for this population.”

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