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In Florida Schools, a ‘Blatant Attempt to Divide Communities of Color’

Florida is considering an AAPI curriculum after it rejected an AP African American course. Advocates see an effort to divide communities of color.

A Missed Opportunity — U.S. Set Agenda of Africa Summit, Not Africans

The agenda for the recent U.S.-Africa Summit reflects the continuing view in the West of Africa as a charity case rather than a key player on the global stage.

California at Forefront of Protecting Older Adults from Pandemic

The CDC's COVID mortality figures show people over 50 are dying from COVID 25 times more often than young adults 18-29.

The Funding Pyramid Needs to Be Transformed

A grassroots organizer in Stockton, California says funding strategies during the pandemic left community based organizations like his scrambling.

Cross Border Migration is Changing. Our Policies Aren’t.

The focus on the number of migrants seeking to enter the U.S. misses a key aspect of how migrant flows are changing and why border policy needs to adapt.

Major Metropolitan Areas Did Not Submit Data to FBI, Causing Severe Undercount of Hate Crimes

Several major law enforcement regions did not submit data for the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Reports, which led to a dramatic under-count of hate crimes.

A Deep Dive Into LA Politics, Post-Racist Recordings

LA politics "post racist recording" is a fraught moment for communities of color and indigenous people in the city. It is also an opportunity for change.

As Louisville Becomes More Diverse, So Do the Scams

At a recent forum, community leaders in Louisville shared their experience with the growing number and variety of scams impacting residents.

A ‘National Poisoning’ — Synthetic Drugs Flooding the U.S.-Mexico Border

Synthetic drugs like meth and fentanyl are flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border, killing tens of thousands while fueling a growing humanitarian catastrophe.

Tribal Leaders, Law Enforcement Discuss Implementation of Feather Alert System

The new system would alert California residents about missing and endangered Indigenous persons in the state.

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