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Debt Ceiling Deal Averts Default, With Poor and Elderly Paying the Price

Held for ransom by Republicans, the debt ceiling deal Biden signed Saturday leaves those on the lower rungs with less support even as the nation’s debt continues to mount.

The Invisibility of Asians in America

Though they are one of the oldest populations in the U.S., Asian Americans feel like they are still perceived as foreigners.

New Novel Explores an Unlikely Key to El Salvador’s Redemption

A new novel by veteran journalist Yurina Melara explores themes of violence and corruption in El Salvador through the eyes of an unlikely hero.

Trailblazing Politician Gloria Molina Dies of Terminal Cancer

Trailblazing politician Gloria Molina died May 14 at age 74 from terminal cancer she battled during the last three years.

‘They Needed a New Target’ — Wave of Anti-Trans Laws Sweep State Houses

Dozens of states have passed or introduced bills targeting transgender individuals, fueling fear and prompting some to "flee in the dark of night."

The End of Title 42 May Not Significantly Impact Border Communities

The end of Title 42 will have little impact on border communities says Edinburg, Texas city attorney Omar Ochoa, who lives on the border.

Three Texas Lawmakers Sound Alarm on Raft of Discriminatory Bills

Bills now pending threaten to further roll back abortion and transgender rights, and strip certain ethnic groups of rights to own land, among other issues.

Transportation Department Building Named for Pioneers Norman Mineta and William Coleman

The Department of Transportation building in Washington DC was named the William T. Coleman, Jr and Norman Y. Mineta Federal Building May 9.

When Marriage Becomes an ‘Act of Resistance’

Margo Long's marriage to an African American man in 1965 became the foundation of a family with Jewish-Muslim-Latino-European and African-American roots.

Can Interfaith Collaborations Stop Hate Crimes?

Interfaith collaborations could be the key to reducing hate-based violence, believe four faith leaders speaking at a news briefing.

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