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In Florida Schools, a ‘Blatant Attempt to Divide Communities of Color’

Florida is considering an AAPI curriculum after it rejected an AP African American course. Advocates see an effort to divide communities of color.

Why Water Now Flows in East Porterville – Community Outreach the Key

Prop. 1 funding has helped advance a long list of projects up and down the state to provide Californians safe drinking water.

New UCLA Study – State Makes Progress on Goal To Guarantee Water as a Human Right

Study concludes CA is meeting or exceeding the explicit goals for funding improvements in disadvantaged communities.

Response Time: The Difference Between Life and Death

The lives of millions Angelinos depend on the county Fire Department, but their equipment is old and their staff is insufficient.

Shifting The Sources Of Drinking Water In California

Water conservation and recycling efforts are needed as Colorado River water levels drop.

Mixtec Families Stake Claim to Oxnard Coast

What’s surprising is that the city of Oxnard is looking to restore the beach and have the community’s input on what they would like to see for the beach.

Governor Explains Death Penalty Moratorium: ‘I Cannot Do This’

CA Governor Newsom described the reasoning behind his recent decision to impose a moratorium on the death penalty during his tenure.

San Jose Makes its Plans for Coyote Valley – Voters OK’d Millions for Green Space, Water Quality

Under the watchful eyes of dozens of community activists, San Jose’s City Council held a study session Jan. 22 to discuss plans for Coyote Valley.

Camp Fire’s Toxin Runoff Poses Threat to Prized Salmon

During a particularly vulnerable time in their lifecycle, the Chinook Salmon now will confront toxic runoff from the Camp Fire.

Midterms Spotlight Rising Latino Power

The full tally of the Latino vote on the mid-term election is not in yet, but the available information makes one thing clear: Latino power is rising.

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