Elections Are Never Over in Arizona

Weeks after this year’s midterm elections, controversies continue to buffet the political process in Arizona.

Andrew Yang brings presidential campaign to ethnic media

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang addressed ethnic media reporters on July 23 in a conference hosted by EMS.  First in a series of ethnic media conversations...

Newsom’s Budget Prioritizes Education, Housing, Health — Plus Money for a Rainy Day

The California governor also told reporters that he is committed to making sure Latinos and other ethnic minorities are counted during the 2020 Census.

Newsom Takes Aim at State’s Top Three Challenges: Healthcare, Housing, Homeless

In a briefing for Asian Pacific Islander media, the governor also warned the anti-immigrant threat is now expanding to the API community.

Governor Explains Death Penalty Moratorium: ‘I Cannot Do This’

In a telebriefing organized by Ethnic Media Services, Gov. Newsom described the reasoning behind his recent decision to impose a moratorium on the death penalty during his tenure.

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