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Vincent Chin’s Murder Sparked Pan-Asian Civil Rights Movement That Continues Today

API leaders from across the US held a four-day commemoration in Detroit, Michigan, to honor the legacy of Vincent Chin, who was murdered in 1982.

Q&A: In Southern States, Korean Media’s Role More Important Than Ever

The Korean community in Southern states like Georgia has grown rapidly in recent years, and Korean media has helped connect them.

Q&A: Covering San Francisco’s Chinese Community from the Heart of the Mission

Weaving personal accounts with modern Chinese history, Mission Local's reporting sheds new light on an often seen but rarely heard community.

Water, Water, Everywhere: But Only Temporarily for Hmong Farmers in Siskiyou County

Court injunction temporarily halted the County unfair water ordinances, inferring discrimination.

Arizona Activists Battle To Be Heard — Redistricting Hearings Ignore State’s Diversity

The state continues to grow and diversify but the redistricting process is failing to ensure equal political representation for all its voters.

Siskiyou County New Frontier for Resisting anti-Asian Violence

Hmong Americans converged on the Siskiyou County courthouse in Yreka Saturday to demand a federal investigation into the June 28 fatal shooting of a Hmong father of three by law enforcement agencies.

Ethnic Communities Unite to Combat Anti-Asian Violence

In the midst of an epidemic of brutal attacks hate crimes against Asian Americans, ethnic communities are coming together to attack the virus of racism.

Xenophobia is the New “Norm” in Germany

A democratically elected party in the German government is normalizing far-right perspectives in Germany, alarming advocates for pluralism and diversity.

MENA Leaders Say Without Census Data We’re Invisible And Disenfranchised

For generations, millions of Americans whose roots lie in the Middle East and North Africa — MENA — have essentially become invisible people because the Census Bureau has denied requests for their own racial category.

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