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What Payment Methods are Telltale Signs of Scams?

Payment methods that scammers insist you use — like gift cards, cryptocurrency and wire transfer — are telltale signs of scams, says the FTC.

As Losses Soar, New Phishing Scams Use Text, AI

Phishing, where scammers use texts and AI to steal passwords, accounts and Social Security numbers, is evolving and intensifying, says the FTC.

‘If You’re Looking for a Job, Scammers are Looking for You!’

A growing network of criminals are using unregulated online portals to lure in job seekers with promises of quick and easy money.

New Currency Exchange Scam Targets Korean Community

There is a growing number of Koreans falling victim to currency exchange scams as a strong dollar lures would-be victims seeking to profit from private traders.

Text Messages Become a Gold Mine for Scammers, FTC Officials Say

Text scams, known as smishing, have been on the rise across the United States, costing victims more than $330 million in 2022, according to the FTC.

New Scams Targeting Immigrants Emerge as Title 42 Ends

Scammers are promising falsely to obtain green cards and special access for new immigrants, says the FTC, warning of new scams.

FTC Briefing Targets Scams Hitting API Communities in California

Federal and local agencies, community stakeholders, and ethnic media came together to raise public awareness and encourage people to report when they’ve been scammed.

Scammers Took Consumers for $8.8 Billion in 2022

$3.8 billion in investment scams and $2.6 billion in impersonator scams topped the list. Most money lost through bank transfers and crypto currencies.

‘Serial Filers’ — SF Businesses Still Vulnerable to Fraudulent ADA Lawsuits

Business owners in San Francisco say they remain vulnerable to fraudulent ADA lawsuits which have targeted more than 35,000 businesses statewide.

As Louisville Becomes More Diverse, So Do the Scams

At a recent forum, community leaders in Louisville shared their experience with the growing number and variety of scams impacting residents.

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