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FTC Battles Highway Robbery in Indian Country

Scam artists racked up at least $6.1 billion in ripoffs last year, many targeting Native American communities. Experts say the actual figure is likely far higher.

Over $1 Billion Lost in Cryptocurrency Scams Since 2021

For many Americans, the promise of hefty returns draws them into cryptocurrency scams that the FTC says have grown into a $1 billion industry.

‘They Break Up Families’ — Crypto Scam Leaves Lasting Scars for Atlanta’s Korean Community

Reporting by Atlanta's Korean media show losses totaling $10 million with alleged victims in the hundreds. One woman is now looking for justice.

Exodus Lending: An Escape Route for Victims of Predatory Loans

Recurring utility bills, rising rents, and now the specter of inflation, often make the easy availability of payday loans too enticing to forgo.

FTC to Minnesotans: Everyone Has a Scam Story — Now’s the Time to Tell It

The scale of consumer fraud in the United States is staggering, topping $5.8 billion in 2021, much of it impacting communities of color.

CA Bill Seeks to End 300-Year-Old Foreclosure Practice, Keeping Billions in Communities

The bill would amend California’s foreclosure process to ensure homeowners retain their equity, addressing a key driver of the racial wealth gap.

Car Buyers of Color Especially Vulnerable to Fraud, Reports Federal Trade Commission

Last year, The Federal Trade Commission received more than 100,000 complaints from consumers who had been duped by fraudulent sales people.

Government Imposters and Fake COVID Cures – How Scammers Rip Off Communities of Color

Across ethnic communities, scams through used car sales and lending agencies have preyed on people in the midst of their financial struggles.

Summer Brings Out Door to Door Scammers – Chicago Fraud Busters Share Tips at FTC Briefing

An imposter may be in uniform, sporting the logo of a utility company or of a well-known business.

No Place in Montana is Too Remote for Scammers – Reaching tribal residents with the swipe of an iPhone

By Khalil Abdullah, Ethnic Media Services For a family in Billings, Montana, a personal apocalypse rode into their lives over the telephone.  The voice was...

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