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Families Face Caregiver Crunch, As Population Ages

As more people in the U.S. live longer, a higher prevalence of chronic diseases will fuel the demand for support services.

Political Divides Color Latin American Coverage of War in Ukraine

In Latin America, media outlets in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have offered Moscow the most support by blaming NATO and the West for the events in Ukraine.

World’s Oldest Ukrainian Language Newspaper is in New Jersey

Svoboda (Liberty) is the world’s oldest Ukrainian language newspaper published without interruption since its founding in 1893 in New Jersey.

Tongans Still Reeling From Eruption Both on Outer Islands and in the US

Ed note: Ethnic media outlets like Radio Tonga play a crucial role as information providers to diaspora communities, especially in times of disaster. But...

Q&A: ABS CBN Still a Bedrock for FilAm Diaspora

Two years after the Filipino broadcaster lost a bid to renew its frequency, the station has turned to digital programming to connect Filipinos worldwide.

Q&A: Ukraine Crisis Hits Home for Diaspora Community in California

Rising tensions with Moscow over Ukraine have led to deep divisions in one of the country's largest Russian speaking communities.

Spotlight on Afghan Media — More Indispensable Than Ever

As new waves of refugees arrive following the end of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan, we spoke to two people with long experience in Afghan media.

Q&A: ‘It’s Like a Fire Smoldering Under the Surface’ – Chinese Media Respond to Times Sq. Fatal Attack

Two recent fatal attacks on Chinese in New York City allegedly by Black assailants have heightened the sense of fear and distrust within both...

Q&A: Covering San Francisco’s Chinese Community from the Heart of the Mission

Weaving personal accounts with modern Chinese history, Mission Local's reporting sheds new light on an often seen but rarely heard community.

Voice for the Sri Lankan Diaspora: Journalist and Activist Hassina Leelarathna Dies

A respected voice in the community, Hassina was known for promoting cross-ethnic dialogue and incubating a new generation of Sri Lankan-American journalists.

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