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Families Face Caregiver Crunch, As Population Ages

As more people in the U.S. live longer, a higher prevalence of chronic diseases will fuel the demand for support services.

CA Attorney General Apologizes to Japanese Americans

California’s Attorney General apologized Wednesday for his office’s historical role in justifying the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Mexico Confirms Two Dead in Maui Fires

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the death of two Mexican citizens in the wildfires that devastated portions of Maui.

For Arab American Community, CA Heat Feels Familiar

Al Enteshar | Rising temperatures across parts of California and the US are reminiscent of the kinds of heat usually equated with the Middle East and North Africa.

Is it Hot, or is it Just Me?

Hmong Daily News | As heat waves blanket the state, certain segments of the population are at greater risk, including the sizable Hmong community in and around Fresno.

Vietnamese American Councilwoman Called ‘Un-American’ for Supporting Bilingual Ballots

A city councilwoman in Morrow, Georgia called her Vietnamese American colleague “un-American” for supporting multilingual ballots.

New Currency Exchange Scam Targets Korean Community

There is a growing number of Koreans falling victim to currency exchange scams as a strong dollar lures would-be victims seeking to profit from private traders.

Majority of Migrants Bussed from Texas to LA Have Reunited With Family

Most of the asylum seekers sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Los Angeles have already been reunited with loved ones in the United States.

California awards Asian American Media Inc $160,000

Both grants originate from the California State Library and will fund work on lost neighborhoods and Stop the Hate.

Breaking the Chains of Fear: Empowering Muslim and Arab Americans to Speak Up and Report Hate Crimes

A new resource in California is aiming to make it easier for communities to report incidents of hate, easing fears that often prevent victims from coming forward.

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