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Coalition Takes Biden Administration to Task for Falling Short on Voting Rights

In a letter to Biden the coalition cited Census data showing wide discrepancies in voter registration between white voters and voters of color.

The ‘Lie Lives On’: Jan. 6 Set Off Wave of Restrictive Voter Laws

Two years after false claims of voter fraud fueled the Jan. 6 insurrection, those same lies are shaping restrictive voter laws in a slew of states.

Conservatives Skeptical Court Will Buy GOP Election Theory

In Moore v. Harper, if SCOTUS decides the plaintiffs' "Independent State Legislature" theory has merit, elections nationwide could be thrown into chaos.

Supreme Court to Consider Who Runs Elections

The Supreme Court will hear the case a leading conservative federal judge has called "the single most important case for American democracy in the nation’s history."

Hundreds Given Bad Ballots in Tennessee

Democratic lawmakers in the state blame the snafu on newly-drawn congressional maps and say it is part of a GOP strategy to suppress votes.

Election Officials Bracing for Trouble at the Polls

Doubts about election integrity among Republicans continue even as experts say rigorous and transparent safeguards are in place to ensure a secure election.

The Single Most Important Case on American Democracy

Across the political spectrum, an upcoming Supreme Court case has observers worried about the fate of the U.S. political system.

Study Shows Negative Impact of Texas’ New Voting Laws on Voters of Color

The just-released study from the Brennan Center for Justice finds SB 1 has already led to diminished voting for Asian-American, Black and Latino voters.

When they Get to Vote, Native Americans Swing Elections

Native American voters “have the power to swing a host of elections this coming year,” even as more laws emerge making it harder to vote.

Fake News Kicks Into High Gear

As the midterms approach, voters are being bombarded with disinformation in multiple languages.

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