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Activists Win Voting Rights for Black Alabamians

Evan Milligan, who won a Supreme Court ruling for Black Alabamian voters, says he was initially skeptical about the legal battle.

Will the Threat of Gun Violence at the Polls Deter Voting?

Voting and elections have become the targets of threats and intimidation as the nation faces a proliferation of guns.

Alabama Unbowed in Battling Black Voting

Alabama's GOP-dominated legislature and governor are defying a SCOTUS ruling ordering the state to draw voting maps that are fairer to Black voters.

Voting Rights Facing Relentless Attack

Civil rights gains have been under constant challenge since a 2013 Supreme Court decision gutted sections of the landmark Voting Rights Act.

Supreme Court Rulings Won’t Reverse Racist Voting Laws in South

Voter participation by people of color remains under threat, due to gerrymandering, arbitrary voting tests, new voter ID laws, and changing polling places.

In Surprise Ruling, Supreme Court Delivers Major Victory for Alabama Voters

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday in favor of Black voters in Alabama who argued the state's congressional maps denied them equal representation.

In Southern States, New Voter Suppression Tactics Pose as Anti-Fraud ‘Integrity’ Measures

Voting rights experts from across the country met to discuss a new wave of voter suppression laws targeting voters across much of the U.S. South.

Toward a More Perfect Union — California Aims Higher to Ensure Voting Rights

Two measures now making their way through the State Assembly aim to improve how California draws new district maps to ensure more participatory elections.

Coalition Takes Biden Administration to Task for Falling Short on Voting Rights

In a letter to Biden the coalition cited Census data showing wide discrepancies in voter registration between white voters and voters of color.

The ‘Lie Lives On’: Jan. 6 Set Off Wave of Restrictive Voter Laws

Two years after false claims of voter fraud fueled the Jan. 6 insurrection, those same lies are shaping restrictive voter laws in a slew of states.

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