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COVID Myth Busters 3

In September-October 2022, reporters for Ethnic Media multimedia outlets across California produced Myth Busters 3, continuing a groundbreaking fellowship program coordinated by Ethnic Media Services and funded by the California Department of Public Health’s VaccinateAll58 campaign. Each segment reports on the most dangerous myths about COVID 19 and vaccines circulating in their communities. Also see COVID Myth Busters and COVID Myth Buster 2.

Japantown Parents Counter Misinformation About Covid Vaccine

Parents in San Francisco's Japantown are worried that the Covid-19 vaccine and boosters may have adverse effects on their children.

Radio Tonga Reports on Covid, Vaccines and Boosters

Radio Tonga Reports on Covid-19, Vaccines and Boosters in Tongan and English.

Why Some Burmese American Parents Hesitate to Vaccinate Their Children

Myanmar Gazette (Burmese) | In general, Burmese Americans trust Covid vaccines for adults and the elders. When it comes to the children, however, some parents are more cautious.

Influenza y COVID-19: confusión sobre las vacunas cerca de la temporada anual de gripe

Peninsula 360 Press (Spanish) | Influenza and COVID-19: Vaccine Confusion Ahead of Annual Flu Season

Covid Data Collection Slows in Butte County and Elsewhere

ChicoSol (Multi-Ethnic) | "Older data will make it harder to track trends"

Unvaccinated and Fall Weather May Cause Surge

Our Weekly (African American) | Cooler weather is here, take precautions against the flu, COVID-19 and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

La pandemia y los mitos cambiaron nuestras vidas

La Informador (Spanish) | The pandemic and COVID myths changed our lives.

Mitos y Realidades después de más de dos años de pandemia

Radio Indigena (Spanish) | Analysis of the evolution of disinformation about COVID-19 after more than two years of the pandemic, and the new bivalent booster.

Border County Residents Choose Safety Over COVID Vaccines Misinformation

Beyond Borders (Multi-Ethnic) | Where once the COVID-19 infection rate was 6 times that of California as a whole, Imperial County has turned infection rates around.

【天下新聞】加州: 接種二價疫苗的重要性 不容忽視

Sky Link TV Cantonese News (Chinese/English) | The importance of getting the bivalent vaccine shouldn't be ignored.

La desinformación, un ‘cáncer’ contra las vacunas para el Covid-19

La Opinion (Spanish) | In California, Latinos have been the hardest hit by the pandemic

Cộng đồng gốc Á ở Orange County và những lo ngại về COVID-19 khi mùa Đông đến

Nguoi Viet (Vietnamese) | The thinking and mood of Americans in general and the Asian community in particular about COVID-19 and vaccines have changed a lot.

Mitos y Realidades sobre el COVID-19 y las vacunas después de más de dos años de la pandemia.

Radio Indigena (Mixtec) | Myths and Realities on COVID-19 and vaccines after more than two years of the pandemic.

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