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COVID Myth Busters 5

In February-March 2023, reporters for Ethnic Media multimedia outlets across California produced Myth Busters 5, continuing a groundbreaking fellowship program coordinated by Ethnic Media Services and funded by the California Department of Public Health’s VaccinateAll58 campaign. Each segment reports on the most dangerous myths about COVID 19 and vaccines circulating in their communities. Also see COVID Myth Busters, COVID Myth Buster 2COVID Myth Buster 3 and COVID Myth Buster 4.

Siete lecciones que dejó la pandemia del Covid-19

La Opinión | Latinos have learned to be wary of false information posted on social networks amid renewed calls for people to get vaccinated.

Quo Vadis Filipino Americans 3 Years Into the Pandemic?

Philippines News Today | Exploring three key factors that have disproportionately impacted Filipino Americans throughout the pandemic.

Los mitos sobre COVID-19 que persisten entre jóvenes del Área de la Bahía

Peninsula 360 Press | Even as Covid mandates have been lifted and masks have largely come off, myths about the virus continue to circulate.

The Use of Folk Medicine in the Hmong Community

Hmong Daily News | Hmong folk remedies to combat Covid-19 include drinking sterile urine, lemongrass steaming sessions, or opium tea concoctions.

한국인 부모 40% 코로나 백신 꺼린다… 가짜뉴스가 병 더 키워

The Miilk | Almost half of Korean parents in San Francisco say they do not plan to vaccinate their children against the coronavirus as fears over potential side effects linger.

新冠二價疫苗認受性低 專家呼籲華人勿被誤導

Sing Tao Daily | Health care providers say declining vaccination rates pose a potential health risk as new variants of the coronavirus continue to spread.

Los latinos siguen siendo los más impactados por Covid-19

Kiosko Magazine | Three years into the pandemic Latinos now face a flood of misinformation about Covid 19 and vaccines.

Desinformación que llega a través de nuevas tecnologías y redes sociales debe ser combatida con información verdadera

El Popular | California's online portal for information on Covid is a critical tool in the fight against misinformation among Latinos in the Central Valley.

Trabajadores del Campo en Kern un sector muy golpeado por el Covid-19

El Popular | Farmworkers in California's Central Valley suffer from a glut of misinformation and fear of deportation if they seek medical help.

Persiste temor y desconfianza en las vacunas contra el Covid 19 en la población LGTBQ latina

Impulso | Fear and distrust persist against Covid 19 vaccines in the Latino LGTBQ community.

Stressed Parents Ignoring COVID Prevention Policies Could Have Worsened Impacts, Researchers Say

Chico Sol | Last summer only 17.7% of children ages 5-11 and 39% ages 12-17 were fully vaccinated in Butte County, compared to the statewide averages of 36% and 67%.

Tin giả về vaccine COVID-19 và ảnh hưởng trong cộng đồng Việt ở Orange County

Người Việt | Vietnamese | Fake news about COVID-19 Vaccine and Its Impact in the Vietnamese Community in Orange County.

Entering 4th Year, Castro Grapples with Effects of COVID

Bay Area Reporter | The COVID pandemic marked a dark turning point for many people around the world, and it's as true of San Francisco's LGBTQ Castro neighborhood as anywhere.

Queer People More Likely to Vaccinate Early, Embrace COVID Response, Data Show

Bay Area Reporter | Gay and lesbian adults reported higher vaccination coverage at that time - 85.4% - than did heterosexual adults - 76.3%.

Vaccine Disinformation Preys on Black Community’s Well-Earned Distrust

Richmond Pulse | Low levels of trust in the medical system among African Americans stemming from a history of systemic racism has allowed misinformation about the pandemic to flourish.

My Parents Paid the Ultimate Price for Disinformation

Chico Sol | Misinformation peddlers have been spreading lies for decades – and for journalist Natalie Hanson, the cost is personal.

Tin giả về vaccine COVID-19 xuất phát từ đâu, và vì sao?

Người Việt | Vietnamese | Where Did Fake News About the Covid-19 Vaccine Come From, and Why?

Covid Myths Among Latinos in California Begin to Recede

La Opinion | Medical experts in California say they are seeing signs that misinformation among Latinos about Covid 19 is beginning to recede.

Imperial County’s Trust in Vaccines Reduce Covid Infections

Beyond Borders Gazette | From being the county that was in critical condition at the height of covid, Imperial County became one of the top vaccinated counties in California. 


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