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COVID Myth Busters

In February-March 2022, reporters for 16 Latino and indigenous multimedia outlets across California produced Myth Busters, a groundbreaking fellowship program coordinated by Ethnic Media Services and funded by the California Department of Public Health’s VaccinateAll58 campaign. Each segment reports on the most dangerous myths about COVID 19 and vaccines circulating in Latino and Indigenous communities. The fellowship launched with a Feb. 17 seminar (Spanish/English) on how to report on mis- and dis-information without amplifying the lies. We will update here as more print, online and broadcast reports are published or aired.

New Surge, Same Misinformation: Latino Parents Weigh Covid Vaccines for Their Youngest

A new Covid surge is driving an uptick in infections, even as persistent misinformation continues to hamper vaccination efforts among Latino families.

Covid 19 Myths Harm Indigenous Oaxacan Families in Southern California

Religious beliefs and a lack of reliable information are among the reasons many indigenous Oaxacans refuse to be vaccinated.

Mitos y verdades de las vacunas contra Covid 19

Los expertos desmontan los mitos que rodean a la vacuna Covid, la forma más segura de frenar la propagación de la enfermedad.

Ending Covid-19 Vaccine Myths

One of the reasons that many refuse to be vaccinates is the spread of misinformation through social media.

Covid-19 and Anti-science Forces

For one 30-year-old man who works in construction, masks and vaccine mandates are part of a grand conspiracy.

The Dangers of Using Chlorine Dioxide to Treat Covid-19

Latino families are using the chemical compound, despite there being no scientific evidence to support its use in humans.

Disinformation, Myths and Realities of Covid-19

The misinformation that has arisen in Spanish-speaking communities throughout the pandemic is due to a variety of issues.

Combating myths about the Covid-19 Vaccine among Oaxacan Indigenous Communities

California is one of the most diverse states that welcomes immigrants from many ethnic groups, especially indigenous Mexicans.