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Artificial Intelligence: Will it Bring Utopia or Dystopia?

Was Live Friday, May 5, 2023 | 11am

Guest Speakers:

  • Hector Palacios, Research Scientist at ServiceNow Research. He works on fundamental and applied research on Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the intersection of reasoning and machine learning (ML)
  • Chris Dede, Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education and Associate Director of Research for the National AI Institute for Adult Learning and Online Education
  • Sean McGregor, a Machine Learning PhD, Founder of the Responsible AI Collaborative, lead technical consultant for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE and developer of the AI Incident Database

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Event Overview

Much has been talked about in the past year about Artificial Intelligence, a rapidly evolving technology that has been under research for decades. We have seen the unveiling of chatbots that write scientific papers, legal briefs, and news stories, sending shivers to the spine of every scientist, lawyer, and journalist. But should we really worry?

On the other hand, some posit that, if used appropriately, AI can be a revolution for education, journalism, science, and other areas of human knowledge. FTC chair Lina Khan recently said that AI can deliver critical innovation but also “turbocharge fraud and automate discrimination.”

The panel of experts will provide the basics to understand what AI really is, and what it brings to our societies but also discuss the potential bias in AI data and the controversial use of copyrighted and creative material to educate the technology, among other issues.

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