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California Offers $10k to College Students for a Year of Public Service

Launched by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the #CaliforniansforAll College Corps will award some 6,500 low-income college students – including undocumented AB 540 students — $10,000 towards college costs in return for completing community service work. At a time when financial pressures force students to take jobs rather than engaging in community service, this groundbreaking program allows them to work on programs dedicated to climate action, k-12 education and COVID-19 recovery and offset college costs while earning academic credit at the same time. Learn who’s eligible, how students can apply, and why community service can be a transformative experience for students and college campuses alike.


  • Josh Fryday – CaliforniaChief ServiceOfficer
  • Lindsay Fox – President and CEO, United Way of Fresno & Madera Counties
  • Fernando Martinez – Civic Action Fellow, San Jose State University
  • Ia Moua – Director of State and National Service, California Volunteers

WHEN: Thursday, May 12, 1pm- 2pm (PST)

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