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Election Verification — Can Voters be Sure Their Votes Will be Counted in 2022?

Was Live Friday, Nov 4, 2022 | 11 am PT

EMS Media Briefing Voter Verification

Guest Speakers:

  • Derek Tisler, counsel in the Brennan Center for Law & Justice’s Elections & Government Program, author of new study “The Roadmap to the Official Count in the 2022 Election”
  • California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, California ́s first Black Secretary of State and only the fifth African American to serve as a state constitutional officer in California ́s 170-year history
  • Moderator: Pilar Marrero, EMS associate editor

Event Overview

Ethnic Media Services presents a National Overview of how this election’s ballots will be collected, counted and tallied, and how the elections will be certified.

What steps is California taking to prevent voter intimidation at the polls in this year’s midterms, and to verify that votes are accurately and fairly counted?

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