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Imagining LA as a Multicultural City — Writers and Community Leaders Share their Perspectives

Was Live Fri, Oct 21, 2022

Guest Speakers:

  • Richard RodriguezJournalist and Writer, Author of “Brown: The Last Discovery of America” and “Hunger of Memory, the Education of Richard Rodriguez” among other books 
  • Erin Aubry KaplanJournalist and Author, has written for the LA Times, the New York Times, the LA Weekly, Essence, and many other publications
  • Arcenio LópezExecutive Director, MICOP, Mixteco Indígena Community Organizing Project
  • Jasmyne CannickAdvocate, Writer and Political Strategist

News Report from this Media Briefing

Imaging a Multi-Racial City After a Political Earthquake

Event Overview

The view on the street is of a rapidly evolving city, that the New York Times recently called “a microcosm of the world”, where its residents speak more than 200 languages and live next to one another in relative peace, marry across racial groups and eat each other’s foods regularly.

Multicultural LA

But this diversity and coexistence seems to have outpaced its government’s current capacity to figure out how to wield and manage power, as shown by the recent scandal of the recordings. In the explosive audios, Latino leaders depicted their natural desire for representation as a zero-sum game and racist views were expressed about several different ethnic groups, including their own.

We will hold a panel discussion with four voices from the African American, Mexican American and Indigenous Oaxacan communities to discuss how Los Angeles can move on from this impasse.

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