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Isolated by the Pandemic

Older Adults Regain Social Life With Vaccines and Reopened Day Health Care Centers

Isolation turned out to be as dangerous as Covid-19 for many older adults and people with disabilities. With vaccines and boosters and most recently the re-opening of adult day health centers, those most vulnerable to the virus can safely reconnect with their families and communities after two years. Speakers will share their personal stories about how vaccines coupled with re-opening of adult day health centers allowed them to regain a social life. Experts will document the impact of Covid-19 on the infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates as well as the mental health of older adults and people with disabilities. They will also describe the services administered by the California Department of Aging and other agencies to ensure that no members of vulnerable communities are left behind.


Kim McCoy Wade, Sr. Advisor on Aging, Disability and Alzheimer’s, Office of the California Governor, Gavin Newsom
Denny Chan, Directing Attorney for Equity Advocacy, Justice in Aging
Dr. Sara Levin, Internist, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (confirmed)
Susan DeMarois, Director, California Department of Aging (confirmed)
Debra Toth, President and CEO of Choice in Aging, also oversees Mt. Diablo Center
• Personal testimonials (confirmed)
• Moderator: Sandy Close, EMS Director (confirmed)

WHEN: Friday, April. 12, 11 am-12 noon PT

You can view a recording of the briefing in its entirety here.

Read the press release from this briefing here.


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