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Los Angeles County Releases LA River Master Plan

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | 11:00 am PT (On-site)

Guest Speakers

  • Keith Lilley, Deputy Director, Los Angeles County Public Works
  • Tensho Takemori, Partner, Gehry Partners, Project Architect and Planning
  • Wilma Franco, Director, Southeast Los Angeles Collaborative
  • Sissy Trinh, Founder and Executive Director, Southeast Asian Community Alliance
  • MODERATOR: Pilar Marrero, EMS Associate Editor

Our News Report from this Media Briefing

A major step forward in equity for the River’s diverse communities

After a four-year planning process commissioned by the LA County Board of Supervisors, LA County Public Works will release the County’s final LA River Master Plan on May 17. The Plan reflects input from many thousands of community members as a result a broad, multilingual public outreach effort.

Speakers representing Los Angeles County Public Works, the planning team, and community representatives will discuss the plan and a new County proposal to create a land bank for affordable housing. The Plan addresses longstanding issues of infrastructure inequity and the disparities between and within diverse communities. Its objective it to enable local residents to thrive in their neighborhoods and not be displaced by gentrification, while improving the health of the river ecosystem for current and future generations of Angelenos.

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