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Sci-Fi Writers Imagine Alternative Realities and Futures

A booming genre across the world

Was Live Friday, Mar 24, 2023

Guest Speakers:

  • Ericka A. Hoagland, Associate Professor & Coordinator of Graduate Studies, English & Creative Writing, Stephen F. Austin State University; Co-Author of Science Fiction, Imperialism, and the Third World
  • Libia Brenda, Writer, Editor, and Translator, based in Mexico City; Climate Imagination Fellow, Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State University
  • Ken Liu, American Author of speculative fiction; winner of the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy awards; winner of top genre honors in Japan, Spain, and France
  • Isis Asare, CEO/Founder of Sistah Scifi, first Black-owned bookstore focused on science fiction & fantasy in the US, validated by the American Booksellers Association
  • Samit Basu, Indian Novelist and Filmmaker whose body of work includes science fiction, fantasy and superhero novels, children’s books, graphic novels, short stories, and nonfiction

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Event Overview

An increasingly racially and ethnically diverse field of writers, both in the US and abroad, are using fiction (Speculative, Science, Fantasy) to reimagine their world and their future, as well as complex problems like climate change, the legacies of colonialism and globalization, violence against women, inequality and other issues.

A panel of writers and experts discuss how fiction genres that used to be identified with aliens, spaceships, and monsters, coming out mainly from a Western, white, male perspective (with some exceptions), have become a popular way to deal -or react to- world realities.

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