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Threats to the U.S. Electoral Process — Who Can Vote, Whose Vote Counts?

Livestream | Friday, Sep 30, 2022 | 11 pm PT

Guest Speakers

  • Sean Morales-Doyle, Acting Director for the Democracy Program, Brennan Center Justice
  • Michelle Bishop, Voter Access & Engagement Manager, National Disability Rights Network
  • Kira Romero-Craft, Managing Attorney for the Southeast Office, Latino Justice
  • Evan Milligan, Executive Director, Alabama Forward

News Report from this Media Briefing

Supreme Court Hears Alabama and Louisiana Lawsuits

Event Overview

With the mid-terms fast approaching, this briefing will explore threats to the way elections are run in the US — not just who gets to vote, but how and whether the votes get counted.


Speakers will discuss gerrymandered maps that diminish the power of voters of color, laws that restrict access to the polls, efforts by partisan poll workers to interfere in the election process, among other dangerous trends, and efforts to address them, including two law suits by civil rights groups in Alabama and Louisiana being argued before the Supreme Court on Oct. 4.

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