We Do

Ethnic Media Services works to enhance the capacity of ethnic news outlets to inform and engage diverse audiences on broader public issues with the goal of building a more inclusive participatory democracy.

Ethnic Media Services does this by:

Convening roundtable briefings that bring ethnic media together with experts, officials, nonprofit leaders, and advocates to exchange perspectives on urgent issues, generate media coverage and expand cross-cultural and cross-sector communications.

Organizing professional training and fellowships for ethnic media reporters that expand their knowledge of key issues, connect them to sources and provide financial support for in-depth reporting.

Coordinating social media and marketing campaigns that enable government agencies, foundations, nonprofits and public affairs firms to customize messaging that resonates with diverse audiences and expands ethnic media’s access to advertising revenue.

Producing, translating and syndicating multilingual, original news stories to ethnic news media partners on how policy issues impact their audiences.

Developing communications projects with underserved groups that deepen their engagement with and amplify their voice in the public realm.