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Black Entrepreneurs and Educators Should Oppose TikTok Ban

By Jennifer Turner | New Orleans Agenda

TikTok is an integral part of American culture, utilized and enjoyed by 150 million Americans. From entrepreneurs to artists to small businesses and principals, countless individuals in our community use TikTok to grow businesses and pursue their passions.

Unfortunately, some members of Congress and the Louisiana Legislature want to ban TikTok citing unfounded national security concerns. Before these politicians move forward., they should consider how a TikTok ban would hurt the American public, especially Black entrepreneurs.

There is pending legislation before Senators John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy right now in Congress, and Louisiana House Bill 361 by representative Daryl Deshotel (R-Marksville) to ban TikTok. The state legislation, currently moving through the Legislative Session, would ban TikTok on all state-owned devices and state administered networks, such as university WiFi.

Louisiana nurse Shauna Sias is an expert in bullying and suicide prevention. She is using TikTok to reach parents and young people across Louisiana. The Opelousas native calls the recent scrutiny by the government over TikTok ridiculous. “If you don’t like it, don’t use it. But you do not have the right to tell someone where they can and cannot receive sources of information,” Sias said. “Why ban TikTok when the NRA is still in full effect?”

There are other reasons why a TikTok ban doesn’t make sense.

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