CA Senators Ask for $5 Million to Increase Pipeline of Asian Language Teachers

Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in CA, yet the state credentialed only 89 teachers who speak one of several Asian languages in the 2019-2020.

For Orange County Shooter, ‘China Dream’ Fed Into Personal Rage

Editor’s Note: On Sunday a 68-year-old man opened fire in a church in Orange County, California, killing one and wounding several others. Both the...

Supreme Court Ban on Abortions Will Disproportionately Harm Communities of Color

Almost 2/3 of women seeking abortions come from communities of color, a data point often overlooked in conversations around a woman’s right to choose.

For Filipinos, a ‘Newly Awakened Civic Consciousness’ in Wake of Marcos Win

The election victory of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines has raised alarm bells over the potential slide of the Southeast Asian nation into autocracy.

Gerrymandered by Redistricting — AAPI Advocates in Texas’ Harris County Vow to Make...

While the AAPI population in Texas' Harris County has quadrupled in recent decades, new congressional maps diminish their voting power.

Confronting Disinformation in Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

OpEd/By Christine Chen, Executive Director of APIAVote Misinformation and disinformation are one of the great challenges facing Asian American and Pacific Islander communities today. They...

As Disinformation Spreads, California Ethnic Media Overcome Pandemic Losses to Inform Communities

A new EMS survey shows ethnic media in CA remain resilient despite serious financial challenges from the pandemic.

Housing, Hate, and Health Top Concerns for AAPI in LA

The agency will be translating all written materials into the 15 most-used languages in the state and adding more interpreters to its phone lines.

Asian American Women Reflect on How to Move Beyond Hate Attacks

According to the web portal Stop AAPI Hate, since March 2020, there have been over 10,000 attacks, 16% of which have been physically violent.

California State Lawmakers Introduce Two Bills to Combat Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

California lawmakers introduced two bills in the state Legislature Feb. 17 aimed at combating the surge of hate crimes targeting Asian Americans and Pacific...

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