Lawsuits Hope to Extinguish Racist Gerrymandering in Multiple States

Voting rights advocates have brought an array of lawsuits in states across the country to stop what they say is an attempt to "rig democracy."

Supreme Court’s Stay Delivers Gut Punch to Fair Redistricting in Alabama

SCOTUS delivered a major blow to voting rights advocates when it stayed a lower court’s ruling ordering Alabama to redraw its legislative districts.

In Southern States, Redistricting Maps Lock Out Communities of Color

Despite strong advocacy, congressional and legislative redistricting continue to leave minorities unrepresented. Litigation is expected before the 2022 primaries.

From Disappointments to Lawsuits over Alabama’s New Redistricting Maps

Even though Alabama has a Black voting age population of 25.9 percent, only one of the seven congressional districts affords African Americans the opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice. 

Voting Rights is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Three different proposals to strengthen and create nationwide standards on voting are all stalled in Congress.

Redistricting Hearings Redefine What “Public” Means – Alabama and Georgia a Case in...

If Alice in Wonderland were set in Alabama, Felicia Scalzetti could play the lead role. "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make...

Activists Target Roadblocks to Fair Redistricting

Challenges to fair redistricting in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama.

The Ordinary People Society- Alabama’s Faith-Based Grassroots Group Takes On Redistricting

An advocate and provider for families and individuals in need of housing, social services, and counseling.

Easier to Get a Gun than a Covid Test – Multi-Racial Coalition Seeks...

Evan Milligan, who received his firearms training in the Alabama National Guard, harshly critiques his state’s imbalance of priorities.

Redistricting Champions – Evan Milligan’s Vision of a Freer Alabama Hinges on Fair...

Demographic changes documented by the 2020 Census will lead to a broader, more inclusive culture only if the state’s redistricting process ensures more equal representation for all.

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