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Citing National Security, Texas Lawmakers Target Asian, Immigrant Communities

A raft of bills from Republican lawmakers in Texas would prohibit Chinese and other foreign nationals from attending higher ed and buying property in the state.

Asian Teens Say Dating Violence a Taboo Topic at Home

Culture and language are among the barriers that prevent many Asian American teens from openly discussing dating violence with their parents.

‘Serial Filers’ — SF Businesses Still Vulnerable to Fraudulent ADA Lawsuits

Business owners in San Francisco say they remain vulnerable to fraudulent ADA lawsuits which have targeted more than 35,000 businesses statewide.

Recent Mass Shootings Deepen Stigma Around Mental Health for Asian Americans

The focus on mental health in recent mass shootings in California heighten cultural taboos among Asian Americans around seeking help.

Coalition Takes Biden Administration to Task for Falling Short on Voting Rights

In a letter to Biden the coalition cited Census data showing wide discrepancies in voter registration between white voters and voters of color.

Is a Pardon for Dreamers the Only Way to Protect Them?

There is growing desperation among immigrant rights groups amid continued policy paralysis and a tightening of rules under the Biden administration.

Ohio Train Derailment Becomes Focus of Chinese Misinformation

The flood of histrionic messaging on Chinese social media around events in the US has left many Chinese Americans feeling frustrated and confused.

Making Public Transit Safer — A ‘Massive Intersection of Crises’

The rash of hate crimes, growing numbers of homeless and mentally ill, and a lack of trust in law enforcement have led to more unsafe conditions on public transit.

No Tolerance for Intolerance: Law Enforcement Vets Explore Strategies to Combat Hate Crimes

The ACT Against Hate Alliance brought together some heavy hitters from law enforcement to discuss strategies for combatting the recent rise in hate crimes.

OP-ED: Asian Americans Want Stronger Gun Laws. As Elected Officials, We Must Act.

An overwhelming majority of Asian Americans support tougher gun laws and are now in a position to influence the outcome of elections in states across the country.

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