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These Congressmen Saw Chinese Spies Where None Existed

Three U.S. Congressmen set off alarm bells after a major land deal near a military base in Solano County, CA raised fears of Chinese spies.

In Publishing, Diversity Depends Not Only on Who’s Portrayed But How

To change unequal representation for people of color is to change not only how many are portrayed, but also how they’re portrayed.

CA Ethnic Media and State Leaders Meet to Build Inclusive Communications

The 2023 CA Ethnic Media Expo & Awards brought together 150 ethnic media practitioners with key leaders and decision makers in Sacramento.

Secretary of State Shirley Weber Stresses Outreach to non-English Speaking Voters in ’24...

Weber emphasized her dedication to ensuring the integrity of both the voting and voter registration processes during the upcoming 2024 election season.

API Equity Budget in Jeopardy as California Faces $20 Billion Deficit

The state’s $247 million API Equity Budget may not be renewed as California faces an unprecedented $22 billion budget deficit.

Meeting the Moment — CA Ethnic Media Front and Center at Expo &...

Ethnic media from across the state gathered to meet with state leaders and decision makers and to celebrate outstanding journalism in the sector.

AAPIs in Indiana Fear Being Targets 6 Months After Knife Attack on Chinese...

Asian Americans in Indiana say an attack on a Chinese student in Bloomington earlier this year created a stronger sense of solidarity within the community.

A Mixed Bag When it Comes to Diversity in Hollywood

Despite recent efforts to make the entertainment industry more reflective of the nation as whole, there is still more work to be done.

Back-to-Schoolers Face Teacher Shortages, Polarization and Learning Gaps

More teachers are leaving the profession as fewer people seek to enter it, while fights over curricula and pandemic-era learning loss loom in classrooms nationwide.

How ChimeTV Breaks AAPI Representation Barriers

ChimeTV is breaking barriers to AAPI representation in entertainment by playing a different game than the platform’s streaming competition.

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