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US-China Tensions Bring on Fresh Wave of AAPI Xenophobia

AAPI community leaders are concerned that the tense US-China relationship, which has become more fraught in recent weeks over accusations of Chinese spying, has...

Historic! Biden Nominates Julie Su As Labor Secretary

Julie Su, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, has been nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as Labor Secretary.

Ohio Train Derailment Becomes Focus of Chinese Misinformation

The flood of histrionic messaging on Chinese social media around events in the US has left many Chinese Americans feeling frustrated and confused.

Fears of a Return to Chinese Exclusion Act as US-China Tensions Rise

Chinese living in the US are watching the deterioration of US-China relations with a mix of fear and, for some, cautious optimism.

7 Farmworkers Killed in Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting

BY AKEMI TAMANAHA/AsAmNews Police arrested Chunli Zhao, 66, in connection with two separate shootings Jan. 23 at farms in Half Moon Bay that killed seven...

New Tool Tracks Misinformation Targeting Chinese Americans

The website has already identified hundreds of misleading articles, a majority promoting extreme right-wing messages targeting Chinese speakers.

CA Senators Ask for $5 Million to Increase Pipeline of Asian Language Teachers

Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in CA, yet the state credentialed only 89 teachers who speak one of several Asian languages in the 2019-2020.

For Orange County Shooter, ‘China Dream’ Fed Into Personal Rage

Editor’s Note: On Sunday a 68-year-old man opened fire in a church in Orange County, California, killing one and wounding several others. Both the...

As Disinformation Spreads, California Ethnic Media Overcome Pandemic Losses to Inform Communities

A new EMS survey shows ethnic media in CA remain resilient despite serious financial challenges from the pandemic.

County’s Safer at Work Program Saves L.A. Small Businesses Millions

In LA County, programs that have already saved small businesses millions during the pandemic are looking for ways to expand their outreach into underserved communities.

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