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Russians in California Become Targets of Hate

The war in Ukraine has led to an increase in attacks and verbal assaults targeting the state's Russian-speaking population.

Spanish Language Daily La Opinión on Its Coverage of LA City Council Scandal

Following criticism from the Oaxacan community, the paper's editor says its coverage of the scandal has sought to capture all voices.

‘They Are Very Cunning’ — Editor of Burmese Paper in LA Fears Dark...

Thakhin Kai Bwor, editor of the Mynamar Gazette, says the execution of four prodemocracy activists suggests more violence ahead for the troubled country.

SB 911 Would Drive a Stake in the Heart of California’s Ethnic Media

SB 911 would dedicate $25 million in state funds to local and ethnic journalism. It would also stab the independent ethnic media sector in the heart. 

It Matters Who Tells the Story

Feet in 2 Worlds, the journalistic project that has brought hundreds of immigrant voices and stories to all Americans.

A Woman’s Choice Not to Publish

For India Currents publisher Vandana Kumar, the leaked SCOTUS opinion brought back memories of an earlier experience involving a woman’s right to choose.

California Black Media Brings New Lens to Sacramento Shootings

The shootings reflect what is happening in Black neighborhoods across California and embody two principal concerns, crime and gun violence.

‘Big, Scary, Weird’ – Covering China in the Era of Covid and Rising...

Jeremy Goldkorn discusses his work covering China "without fear or favor" as editor of the online news site SupChina.

SB 911, Which Creates $50 Million Fund to Support Independent Media, Passes Through...

The bill would create an 11-member state board that would administer the funds to bona fide news organizations and reporters over a five-year period.

As Disinformation Spreads, California Ethnic Media Overcome Pandemic Losses to Inform Communities

A new EMS survey shows ethnic media in CA remain resilient despite serious financial challenges from the pandemic.

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