Parents And Children In Mental Health Crises Need To Know – Recovery Is Possible

“Sometimes it’s important to be on medication, but sometimes that may be tiring, too. Show love. Love is the key.”

Across the US, Activists Fill In for a ‘Failed’ Disaster Relief System

Activists from Florida, Oregon, California, Louisiana, and Texas, are demanding action on long-term climate resilient infrastructure.

Florida Governor Locks Horns with Multi-Faith Communities Over Maps

"We have a responsibility to remind officials they work for us," says Rev. Rhonda Thomas. "If you can’t do your job, then maybe you should be unemployed.”

Vicar of Orlando Churches Blasts Florida Governor DeSantis for Redistricting Maneuver

"The governor is treating us like this is a plantation and he is a mini-king," said Father José Rodríguez of Orlando's Jesus of Nazareth Episcopal Church.

‘They Are Making Us Disappear From the Map’ — Latino Leaders Rebuke Florida...

Latinos now comprise more than one-fourth of Florida’s population, but no majority Latino districts are being created.

Voting Rights is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Three different proposals to strengthen and create nationwide standards on voting are all stalled in Congress.

Activists Target Roadblocks to Fair Redistricting

Challenges to fair redistricting in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama.

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