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Vincent Chin’s Murder Sparked Pan-Asian Civil Rights Movement That Continues Today

API leaders from across the US held a four-day commemoration in Detroit, Michigan, to honor the legacy of Vincent Chin, who was murdered in 1982.

White Terrorists Pose Top Safety Risk — Focus on Most Violent, Ex-FBI Expert Advises

Federal and state agencies continue to downplay the threat posed by white supremacist groups that are increasingly entering the mainstream.

Cross-Racial Solidarity Against Racist Violence: The Legacy of Vincent Chin

The killing of Vincent Chin 40 years ago marked the birth of the modern day Asian American civil rights movement.

Housing, Hate, and Health Top Concerns for AAPI in LA

The agency will be translating all written materials into the 15 most-used languages in the state and adding more interpreters to its phone lines.

Asian American Women Reflect on How to Move Beyond Hate Attacks

According to the web portal Stop AAPI Hate, since March 2020, there have been over 10,000 attacks, 16% of which have been physically violent.

California State Lawmakers Introduce Two Bills to Combat Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

California lawmakers introduced two bills in the state Legislature Feb. 17 aimed at combating the surge of hate crimes targeting Asian Americans and Pacific...

Q&A: ‘It’s Like a Fire Smoldering Under the Surface’ – Chinese Media Respond...

Two recent fatal attacks on Chinese in New York City allegedly by Black assailants have heightened the sense of fear and distrust within both...

More Women are Targets of Xenophobic Hate

Immigrant women account for most of the victims of hate crimes. Why is this phenomenon so pervasive?

Ethnic Communities Unite to Combat Anti-Asian Violence

In the midst of an epidemic of brutal attacks hate crimes against Asian Americans, ethnic communities are coming together to attack the virus of racism.

Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai Offered Free Legal Help on Housing Problems

A nonprofit is offering free, in-language legal help for Koreans, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese in the Southern California Region trying to find or keep safe housing.

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