CA Senators Ask for $5 Million to Increase Pipeline of Asian Language Teachers

Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in CA, yet the state credentialed only 89 teachers who speak one of several Asian languages in the 2019-2020.

Parents And Children In Mental Health Crises Need To Know – Recovery Is...

“Sometimes it’s important to be on medication, but sometimes that may be tiring, too. Show love. Love is the key.”

Millions of Kids Would Lose Health Care if Covid-19 Emergency Coverage Ends

The program's expiration will mean 80 million people—including 37 million children—will need to have their Medicaid eligibility verified.

Bay Area Pediatrician Tackles Myths and Misconceptions About Covid-19 Vaccines

Dr. Jennifer Miller spends a good part of every day dispelling the many myths and misconceptions that continue to prevent families from getting vaccinated.

Experts Await Data on Moderna’s Vaccine for Kids; Criticize Lifting of Mask Mandates

Experts say now is the time to educate families on the importance of vaccines for younger children.

Covid Vaccines are Safe and Effective for 5-11 Year Olds

That message was delivered during a March 15 briefing for the South Asian community organized by the non-profit South Asian Network.

Can K-6 Grade Children Safely Return to School Without Masks?

Less than one-third of 5 to 11-year-olds in California are fully vaccinated and are now returning to elementary schools which have no masking requirements.

How Children Experience and Recover From Domestic Violence

Experts say anxiety, depression, anger, and low self esteem are among the range of mental health impacts on children who experience domestic violence. 

Covid-19 Hospitalization and Death Rates for Children Spike Alarmingly Amid Omicron

The CDC has released new findings showing children were hospitalized at a rate four times higher from Omicron than with the Delta variant.

Poor Once More: Millions of Families Thrown Back Into Poverty as Child Tax...

Image: Loree D. Jones, CEO of Philabundance, a hunger relief project in Philadelphia, was among several experts speaking on the expiration of the Child...

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