‘Serial Filers’ — SF Businesses Still Vulnerable to Fraudulent ADA Lawsuits

Business owners in San Francisco say they remain vulnerable to fraudulent ADA lawsuits which have targeted more than 35,000 businesses statewide.

Coalition Takes Biden Administration to Task for Falling Short on Voting Rights

In a letter to Biden the coalition cited Census data showing wide discrepancies in voter registration between white voters and voters of color.

Is a Pardon for Dreamers the Only Way to Protect Them?

There is growing desperation among immigrant rights groups amid continued policy paralysis and a tightening of rules under the Biden administration.

The Loneliness of Immigrant Elders

The recent mass shootings in California put a tragic spotlight on the isolation and invisibility of many immigrant elders in the state.

Millions to Lose Coverage During the ‘Unwinding’

Starting in April millions of families could see their health coverage disappear as the government unwinds pandemic-era policies.

In California, A Long and Pivotal History of Interracial Marriage

While racial hate continues to rise, the epic story in California--where interracial marriages surpass national figures--is one of love across color lines.

Sharing a Passion for Social Justice

Sami Wasef, an Palestinian Arab from Jerusalem, and Magda Madrigal, a Latina born in Los Angeles, bonded over their shared committments to social justice.

The More Interracial Families, the Less Signs of Racism

Slavic Sac | Vanda and Vincent Leon have been married for over 20 years. She is a Ukrainian with Polish, Jewish and Russian roots from Kyiv, he is a Hispanic American.

What to Make For Dinner?

The story of Priscilla, a first-generation Hmong American and Jose, a German Yaqui Indian Mexican American.

Multiculturalism Means More Not Less

San Fernando Valley Sun | The story of Regina, who identifies as biracial – Black and Latina and Tyrone, a Filipino American.

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