Bill Heads to CA Gov. Newsom’s Desk to Disaggregate Data for Latinos and Indigenous Residents

California Senate Bill 435 proposes to collect disaggregated data on Latino sub-populations as well as indigenous communities.

In Publishing, Diversity Depends Not Only on Who’s Portrayed But How

To change unequal representation for people of color is to change not only how many are portrayed, but also how they’re portrayed.

CA Ethnic Media and State Leaders Meet to Build Inclusive Communications

The 2023 CA Ethnic Media Expo & Awards brought together 150 ethnic media practitioners with key leaders and decision makers in Sacramento.

US Latino Economic Output Propels the Country Forward: New Report

If U.S. Latinos were an independent country, they would be the fifth largest economy in the world, according to findings from the latest US Latino GDP Report.

In Guatemala, A Coup in Slow Motion

Forces in the Central American nation are working to undermine the transition of power to President Elect Bernardo Arévalo, who last month claimed a landslide win.

Mexico Poised to Elect First Female President

Mexico is fielding two female candidates to replace outgoing president Andrés Manuel López Obrador in next year's elections.

After George Floyd, African Americans and Latinos Remain in Crosshairs of Police Violence

Since the death of George Floyd in 2020, killings by police have continued to climb, with 2022 seeing the highest numbers in a decade.

Meeting the Moment — CA Ethnic Media Front and Center at Expo &...

Ethnic media from across the state gathered to meet with state leaders and decision makers and to celebrate outstanding journalism in the sector.

A Mixed Bag When it Comes to Diversity in Hollywood

Despite recent efforts to make the entertainment industry more reflective of the nation as whole, there is still more work to be done.

‘The Heat Can Kill’ — How Farmworkers in Fresno Cope with Rising Temperatures

Farmworkers in Fresno use a variety of strategies to manage the risks of extreme heat, from starting earlier to staying hydrated and on alert for signs of heat stroke.

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