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Tribal Leaders, Law Enforcement Discuss Implementation of Feather Alert System

The new system would alert California residents about missing and endangered Indigenous persons in the state.

It’s Time for Congress to Approve Permanent Healthcare for Indian Country

National Native American organizations and tribal leaders are calling on Congress to make funding for Indian Country healthcare mandatory.

Alarming Surge of Pediatric RSV

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, a common flu-like symptoms, is infecting very young children in large numbers

FTC Battles Highway Robbery in Indian Country

Scam artists racked up at least $6.1 billion in ripoffs last year, many targeting Native American communities. Experts say the actual figure is likely far higher.

When they Get to Vote, Native Americans Swing Elections

Native American voters “have the power to swing a host of elections this coming year,” even as more laws emerge making it harder to vote.

Redistricting is Undermining the Native American Vote

The Native vote has become increasingly influential, with the ability to determine whole elections in several states across the country.

A Voting Rights Battlefield in ‘Swing State’ Arizona

A proposition on the November ballot could put a stop to some of the new rules that seek to suppress non-white people’s voting power.

Exodus Lending: An Escape Route for Victims of Predatory Loans

Recurring utility bills, rising rents, and now the specter of inflation, often make the easy availability of payday loans too enticing to forgo.

‘Invisibility is Not a Superpower’ — Indian Country Today Re-emerges as a National...

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has announced a $500,000 grant to support Indian Country Today, just four years after the paper shut its doors.

As Disinformation Spreads, California Ethnic Media Overcome Pandemic Losses to Inform Communities

A new EMS survey shows ethnic media in CA remain resilient despite serious financial challenges from the pandemic.

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